This post is part of the pillar posts about budget decor.

Another post I’ve created is about how to decorate any home on a budget.

Here, I’ll talk about how to decorate your home with no money.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to decorate your home with no money

Learn about money

Have a plan with your money. And as you’re on this post, you already know you don’t want to spend any money… and just save and invest. Which is a good mentality.


This is a basic yet essential tip to make any space look prettier.


Function wins over decor. There you go. I said it.

Airy and well-lit

When it’s well lit and airy, you’ll feel better.

Also, open windows so everyone can see the outdoor views.

Use what you already have

There must be some pretty items hidden in your home somewhere.


You’ll have to use things you already have.

For example…

DIY Food Containers

Empty them and color them.

Or cover them with wallpaper.

Ask a friend or family member

If they’re going to throw something away, like furniture, see if you can renovate it.

Collect and use natural items

Go out in the nature and collect items.

Beach = seashells

Woods = pinecones

The sky’s the limit here.


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