12 Interior Design Tips That You Should Not Miss

12 Interior Design Tips That You Should Not Miss


Styling a typical house into a dream home is a difficult job. You can’t just pick random things and make a home-like feeling. Pulling together features that make a functional and stylish home requires proper design knowledge. There’s more than meets the eye.

Here are a few questions for you: Do you know which colors will work for the paint? How will you decide where to put the furniture? What lighting will you use? Which small decor pieces will take your home to the next level? There can be a plethora of questions, which can make you feel overwhelmed. That’s why these interior design tips will help you.

No matter if you’re styling your entire house, renovating the kitchen, or just adding some sizzle to your drawing room, these helpful DIY and decorating pointers will guide you.


12 Of The Best Interior Design Tips

1. Let Your Personality Shine


Say it with me, “it’s my home. I can design it however I want!” So even if you’re doing something over the top, no big deal. What matters is that you like it in the end.

Interior decorating secrets like this one will help you turn a dream home into a reality because, in the end, you’re going to live in this home. So it should reflect your personality.

Start with thinking about ways to make your home yours. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an interior design degree. We have our own tastes. We have a knack for design even when we think we don’t. We can differentiate between what looks good and what doesn’t. So it’s no big deal if you are doing something different. It’s your personality, let it shine.

You can also go for some latest trends but don’t fall into the trap of following them all the time. It’s good to follow trends sometimes but not always. Focus on what you like.

You can also think about this with respect to the future. If you are picking a design now, think if you’ll still like it after five years. If so, go with the design. Otherwise, discard it. In the end, you’ll spend most of your time here, so make sure you like the space.

I know I’ve said it multiple times. But there are lists about home design ideas that do not talk about being yourself in designing your home. Those lists are incomplete in my opinion.


  1. Seek Design Inspiration From A Mood Board


Do you feel that your interior designs feel lifeless? Well, you can try to revitalize them by gathering inspirational images from different sources. Magazines, social media apps, and home websites are good places to start. You can use our website for more inspiration too.

After you have gathered a strong collection, start thinking about ways to decorate your interior design. Use this collection to create a mood board. A mood board brings all of your ideas on paper, which makes it easy to visualize different design ideas – something that would not have been possible with brainstorming.

Now, how can you create this mood board? Buy a form from your local stationery shop and attach the images and other samples you’ve gathered from different resources. Hang that mood board somewhere in your home and live with it for a while before turning it into your actual design. This will help you in creating breathtaking living room decorating designs.


3. Consider Colors And Fabrics


Now it’s time to choose your colors. Again, you should go back to tip number one from this article: let your personality shine.

Think about what colors inspire you. What colors reflect your personality? Is it green, which is more lifelike? Or maybe you are like blue, which can show your mysterious personality? Or maybe, you are more on the feminine side like pink? If you are good with a color, then go with it.

Also, don’t think about the colors of your walls only. Focus on furniture, quilts, pillows, and curtains as well. These things will have the third color; which I forgot to mention, you should go for three colors for your space instead of just two.


4. Try Before You Buy Paint And Paper


This is a super tip because it will save you a lot of money. Don’t just buy tons of paint and paint all your walls and furniture and then you think, “oh man, what have I done? This looks ridiculous!”

Instead, just buy sample pots and try a little on the lightest side of the wall and a little patch on the darkest side of the wall – to see how the natural light affects the shade.’ This is especially effective for finding the best white paint.

Do the same drill with wallpaper. Buy small samples of wallpaper and tape them to the wall. Then, see how they look before trying the decorating ideas you found online.


5. Transform Old To New


If you are like most people, you will not be working on a new home. This means that you are working on some existing furniture and walls. So you should focus on transforming the old furniture new one.

How can you do that? Well, it takes a little bit of observation. Look at the existing pieces. For example, just look at the rug and see if you can buy things that will go with this existing rug.

You can also take inspiration from nature. For instance, pinks and reds with greens, orange with duck egg, yellows with grey and blues.


6. Size Up The Furniture


This should be on every list that talks about easy home decor ideas. Don’t think small though. You can have larger furniture like a big sofa or footstool a room. It doesn’t matter if you have a small room. Some even designers recommend having a statement piece in every room.

That said go with a combination of big and small items that will create an appealing living space.


7. Analyze The Look And Take Your Time


Let’s say that you are walking down the street and you see that beautiful little decor piece that you want to buy. If you can afford it, just go for it because this is the item that you fell in love with.

Collect items like these over time. This way, you’ll develop a good collection of decorating items instead of buying stock items in a 1-month period.


8. Order Returnable Samples


I talked about buying little pots of paint before going all-in above. A similar thing goes for other items as well. Order returnable items to have an idea of what you want.


9. Be Bold With Paint Ideas


When talking about home decor ideas, some designers will tell you to be bold with colors. Personally, I like colors that are tamed down. But if you believe in having bold colors, go with them. Do what works for you.

You don’t have to paint doors frames, skirting boards, and ceilings in a brilliant white anymore. In fact, painting the skirting the same color as the walls can make the room feel bigger.


10. Remember Measuring Is Key


This is one of the most important interior design tips. The time when you measure up your windows is crucial. Make sure that you have the right measurements before you order blinds or curtains.


11. Add Finishing Touches


This is the fun part. Think about little things, like rugs, cushions, art pieces, and plants. These items are important, but you can’t bring them in until you have the paint or wallpaper ready. Use color on items like bookshelves, kitchen ceramics, and tablecloths wisely to add that extra touch.


12. Fill A Room With A Signature Fragrance


Have you noticed that each hotel you go to has a certain fragrance? Not only hotels but some retail stores do that too. You can take inspiration from them and give your home a signature scent. Select a fragrance that gives you the feeling of delight when you enter it.

Use this design wisdom for your next decorating project!


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