17 Cheap Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls

17 Cheap Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls


Want to refresh your living room space and add a sense of personal style while staying within your budget?

Check out these 17 cheap decorating ideas for living room walls!


Decorate Your Living Room Walls Cheaply Using These Ideas


1. Hang Canvases On The Wall



Blank living room walls can look too overly simplified or dreadful sometimes.

So a good way to brighten them is to hang canvasses.

You can paint these canvases in different colors.

Some people go with white, cream, beige, or grey.

But if you have a bold personality, you can go with bright green, purple, or yellow.

Pro tip: Think big with these kinds of cheap decorating ideas for living room walls. For example, fill the wall with big canvases and see the magic!


2. Hang Plates Of Different Colors



A generic way to go with this idea is to use similar plates.

However, if you want to take your wall decor game up a notch, choose different plates to make a fresh wall arrangement.

Experiment with unexpected colors, sizes, and textures.

Hang different combinations to see how they look.

If you grow tired of one arrangement, shake it up a bit and try a different arrangement.


It’s just plates on the wall; it’s not the color on the wall that’ll require an entirely new paint job if you mess up.

So play with the arrangements as you want.

Want to try a cool arrangement?

Start with hanging the most unorthodox plate in the center.

You can also hang a framed photo or painting first, and then surround it with different plates.

The key is to experiment!


3. Use Natural Items



Wondering how to decorate living room walls on budget?

Put natural items, like seashells, pinecones, Tapeweed fibre ball, and maple leaves, on wall shelves. That will create a rustic, relaxed display.

The best part is that these items are mostly free of cost. So you’ll be able to implement the best wall decoration ideas even if you’re on a shoestring budget!


4. Hang A Gallery Of Photos



The good old photo gallery tends to be one of the best cheap decorating ideas for living room.

First, it doesn’t cost you much to print out these photos. You’re not buying an expensive art: These are your own photos, which you can print and frame yourself. Consider it a DIY living room decor project for this weekend.

Second, you’ll love the photos of your loved ones each time you sit in the living room. Families often hang out in the living room, so this photo gallery will act as a conversation starter. It will bring back the memories from first days of school, graduations, weddings, and many other events that are close to your heart!

To create the album, you can pick a theme, like vacations or weddings.

And when it comes to frames, you can either use identical frames or experiment with different geometric arrangements; it’s up to you!


5. Reflect Your Style



If you choose to go with your personal style, you’ll find plenty of cheap room decorating ideas just by observation and brainstorming.

Here’s the thing:

I always advocate going with your personal style and staying within your budget. It doesn’t matter if your friend bought a $400 trendy vase: If you can’t afford it or it doesn’t fit your style, you shouldn’t buy it!

Now, when it comes to personal style, the sky’s the limit!

Seriously, you can try things like this round mirror in the picture.

Or you can go with something more dramatic, like a regal-looking mirror.

You may go with tamed-down colors, like greys and whites.

Or you can show your bold personality with purples and yellows.

Again, it depends on your personality!


6. Stack Your Books



How to decorate room with low budget?

One idea is to bring out books that are hiding in drawers and stack them on the wall shelves.

Simple, isn’t it?


7. Put Cluster Candles



Have an empty shelf on your living room wall?

Just put multiple candles on it to make a cluster. 

You can use the same colored candles to give a generic look.

Or you show your personal decor style by choosing multiple candles in a single color palette!

It works both ways!


8. Mix Patterns



Patterns are a good way to keep the living room walls spring-like all year long.

You just have to find clothes of different patterns and hang them on the wall.

As simple as that!

Also, if you can find small pieces of wallpaper, that’d be great for this project too!


9. Amplify Your Space




One way is to lean a large mirror against the living room wall.

You can go really big, like half of the height of the wall.

This is also a great trick to make small rooms seem larger!


10. Pump Up The Color



Any list of cheap decorating ideas for living room walls is incomplete without talking about color.

Normally, people go with simple colors, such as white, for living room walls.

But if you have a vibrant personality, you can go with colors, like green, yellow, or orange.

I suggest you hang a vibrant curtain on the wall and see if it works for your living room decor.

Pumping up the color can definitely brighten up a room. So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors.


11. Put A Table Beside The Wall



If you have a table with multiple shelves, place it across the living room wall.

And then, put different decorating items, like vases, mason jars, and seashells on it.

You can also put plants or stack some books on it!

If your living room has a mantle, you can still do all this.

Just try different things and see what works for you!

The best wall decoration ideas for living room require some creativity and experimentation!


12. Consider Removing The Items You Don’t Use


All budget decorating blogs will tell you to hang plates, pictures, or wallpaper on the wall for decorations.

I agree.

These are staple budget decor ideas.

But if there are too many items, you may want to remove them to get a organized and clutter-free room.

I know I’ve talked about leaning a large mirror and a side table against the wall up there.

But if there are too many things, they can make you feel claustrophobic.

So it’s better to get rid of extra items.

Instead, let the original color of your living room wall shine through!

Functionality is important in home decor.

If you don’t use some items that much, consider removing them. That will also help you make the most of your small living room.


13. Use Wallpaper As Artwork



Budget wall decor is hard to pull off without artwork.

That said, you don’t need to purchase a Picasso painting to add decor to your living room wall.

Do it cheaply by framing a few pieces of wallpaper.

Pro Tip: Use a mat board when cutting a section of wallpaper. That will help you cut a symmetrical piece!


14. Remember Measuring Is Key


Planning to buy drapes or curtains for your living room windows?

Make sure to measure the windows first.

You want to have the right measurements to avoid any living room decor blunders!


15. Seek Design Inspiration From A Mood Board



A mood board is a good place to start decorating your living room walls on a budget. It lets you visualize your decor first without having to purchase lots of stuff.

Do you feel that your living room walls feel lifeless?

Start seeking inspiration from magazines, social media apps, and home decor websites.

Once you have enough items in your collection, hang them together on a board.

If the combination works well together, keep it. Otherwise, experiment with other combinations.

One more tip: Before moving forward with a combination, leave it on the wall for a couple of days to make sure if you really like it!


16. More Drapes, More Living Room Decor



If your living room have windows, a great way to decorate them is to add drapes.

I know it’s not a practical option for some living rooms.

But if you can install drapes, you should install drapes.

It’ll make your space look expensive for less!


17. All That Glitters Is Definitely Gold



Gold tables leaned against living room walls give that royal touch.

If it’s possbile, get other golden decor items that are shown in the image.

(Worried about your budget? Well, you can always visit flea markets to get expensive-looking decor items that don’t break the bank!)


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