19 Breezy Beach House Decor Ideas. No Ocean Required.

19 Breezy Beach House Decor Ideas. No Ocean Required.

These easy, breezy beach house decor ideas decorating ideas include:


Bright whites…

Natural hues…

Summertime staples…

Wicker furniture and baskets…

Southern hues and patterns…

And more…

If these things make you excited, the following dreamy rooms are all the beach house decorating inspiration you need!

Beach house decorating ideas for your home

1. Dining in style

Summer vibes of a blue interior



The shades of blue and wicker in this dining room make it the perfect beach room.

To add softness, you can bring rugs as well.

That said, I can’t get over that undeniably appealing blue color.

2. Cozy living room

Beach living room with grey sofa and wall art.



All eyes are on the prize in this dreamy living room.

You can always turn the chairs the other way to enjoy that beautiful view.

I also love the wall art, but that view outside is the center of attention.

It’s the perfect setup to feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day.

3. Handmade ceramics

Handmade blue ceramics



This is why I love the easy, breezy beach house style.

Only the hardcore beach decor fans will get this dining set.

And I suspect you’re one of them.

4. All white bathroom

All white bathroom with window opening to the beach



Imagine opening the front door and walking into that light and airy space and that beautiful view.

I also like the wicker basket because you can use it in other spaces as well.

5. Rustic charm

Rustic beach living room



There’s something about that rustic door in the corner.

It just elevates the whole coastal design look.

6. Unique centerpiece

A unique table in the center of the room



She’s a curvy girl!

You can have other collected finds from nature as the centerpiece but I just love this table.

Match it with one of your signature paint colors, and you’ll be getting so many compliments from your family and friends.

7. Indoor outdoor wicker chairs

Wicker chairs placed in a nautical living room



The sea air and soothing sounds of waves are amazing.

But if you don’t live next to a beach, get a few wicker chairs to get that feel.

8. Hallway artwork for your beach cottage



If you’re a fan of beach or nautical, painting of the sea and shores is a must-have.

9. Flowers



You can have the more bright flowers.

But I just fell in love with these fall flowers so much. So I had to include them here.

10. Colorful coastal bedroom



How about a little unorthodox color?

You can always have whites and blues as your main colors with sea paintings on the wall.

But this room is slightly reminiscent of coral, which is why I like it.

You can also pick celadon green as your out-of-the-box color.

11. Boho house, more like a Bali vacation

Mordern boho living room



This room looks premium, but if you make the look, it’ll make you feel like you’re on a vacation all year long.

12. Spring embroidered block print pillows



Print pillows will always balance out the plain whites and blues.

And what about that China vase? And those seashells in the jar?

They’ll let everyone know that you’ve put in the time with the final pieces in your beach decor.

13. Wifi sign

Wifi sign on the wall



Again, it’ll let everyone know that you love beach house decor ideas.

14. Oyster plates

Oyster plates on a table



Yes, that’s a premium decor look on a budget!

15. A retro corner

Beach living room retro-style



Wicker plates on the wall…

That dining table…

The color combination…

I don’t know what I love the most about this beach dreamy room.

16. Foggy Morning Mugs

Foggy Morning Mugs placed on table



Morning coffee in these mugs means you are the biggest fan of all things oceans and beaches!

17. Southern charming window bench



The view from that bench will be breathtaking.

If you can’t have that view from your bedroom, those pillows and that celadon green color is the inspiration you need from this room.

18. Colorful Southern retreat



This room is not for everyone.

If you’re a fan of bright Southern colors and patterns, go for it.

Otherwise, the rug will be just fine.

19. Lighting: pendants or lanterns



It’s your choice which one you want to choose, but lighting is something that’ll set the mood of your house.

And when we’re talking about beach design, wicker pendants are the winner in this space.

Here are more ideas for your lakehouse or Florida-style home:

  • Framed seascape wall art

  • Seashell-adorned mirrors and accessories

  • Ship-worthy lighting

  • Bass finishes

  • Pink Smeg refrigerator

  • Antique furniture and vintage art

  • Anchor pillows

  • Blue-and-white striped dhurrie rug

  • Nautical flags

  • Old lockers

  • Seascape paintings

  • Navy soaking tub

  • Nautical sconces

  • Seascape wallpaper

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