31 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

31 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms


Finding the right furniture is important in farmhouse decor.

However, there are other key elements of creating the perfect farmhouse living room.

So no matter if you’re a farmhouse owner or just want to add some country charm to your modern home, use these 31 farmhouse decorating ideas for living rooms.


Design Your Dream Country Home Using These Farmhouse Decor Ideas


1. Oversized Wall Clock


@the quaint sanctuary


The main theme for this living room setting is cozy fall decor.

First, you have multiple warm colors, pillows, and throw blankets.

Then, there’s a wicker basket and pumpkins to enhance the fall theme.

And last but not least, you have the oversized wall clock that’s the main center of attention!

Even if you don’t want a fall theme, a giant clock will keep that country feeling all year round!


2. Art Deco Mirror


@judith balis interiors


The farmhouse doesn’t always mean rustic!

Unlike popular belief, farmhouse decor for the home is great for blending accents from other decor styles.

So instead of hanging a giant mirror, you can introduce a beautiful, statement-making mirror.

It’ll add the country charm without going overboard!

The one in the picture matches well with the horizontal shiplap and the Persian rug.

The modern sofa and coffee table add to the traditional touch of this otherwise transitional living room.


3. Tufted Ottoman




Tufted Ottoman is always pleasing to the eye!

The one in the above living room blends in nicely with the farmhouse furniture and walls!

And yes, the whole rustic style is not going anywhere soon.

So copy it for your living room decor if you want!


4. Rustic Columns


@anders schønnemann, vipp


Here’s the deal:

Any expert talking about farmhouse decorating ideas for living rooms will definitely mention rustic columns or beams.


Well, wood detailing is a classic in farmhouse style!

If you live countryside or just want to evoke a more country look in your modern home, you can never go wrong with wood beams and paneling.

That said, hire experts for these types of home improvement projects.

It’s not as simple as putting a cat night light on the living room shelf!


5. Upcycled Side Table




This is another great way to create a cozy farmhouse sitting area arrangement.

You can buy a secondhand side table and paint it white to make it more rural and attention-grabbing.

Don’t worry if it’s a distressed piece:

That’ll give it that shabby chic, industrial look.

Also, if you don’t want white, any other neutral color will do the trick.

Another good thing about this idea is that you can put more decorations on this table to complete your rustic or modern style.


6. Traditional Farmhouse Living Room


@bartelt. the remodeling resource


The easiest way to add the farmhouse vibe to any room is by sticking to the basics.

There’s no need to get blown out ceilings and expensive materials to nail the look.

Go for comfort over an airy feel instead, as this living room does.

The updated barn board fireplace and relaxed furnishings bring warmth to this space even when it’s -10 degrees outside!


7. Eucalyptus




As I said above, farmhouse-style decorating is all about simplicity.

So a large vase with a few eucalyptus branches will do the trick.

The wooden coffee table, rustic sofa, and the fall art on the wall blend in nicely to create a French farmhouse look!


8. Calming Scheme


@nordic house


“Go for a calming scheme!”

That’s common advice among farmhouse decor experts!

Notice how gray and white exudes comfort in this living room.

And the warm timbers on the floor add that final touch to a stylish yet traditional living room.

A quick note:

Whatever you do, avoid shiny things: Otherwise, it won’t feel like a farmhouse.

You want to stick to rustic farmhouse living room ideas that are relaxed and tactile!


9. Hand Painted Textured Clay Vase




I talked about eucalyptus up there.

However, more greenery is always good.

For this particular idea, paint a vase in your favorite texture to give the decor a personal touch.

It’ll also create a perfect, laidback vibe in your living room.


10. Rustic Wood Furniture




Wood is also synonymous with farmhouse decoration.

Normally, one would think of traditional farmhouses when there’s a discussion about decorating with wood.

However, you’ll find the rustic charm of furniture in modern farmhouse decor living rooms as well.

Pro tip: The key is to do it modestly.

For example, you can bring a rustic reclaimed wood coffee table and place it near a white couch to balance things out. Then, place an antique ottoman as the final touch.


11. Piles Of Firewood


@country living


The farmhouse is inherently rooted in wood.

For example, the lumber in this picture adds a rustic charm to the space.

And the best part is that you can keep it all year long.

And yes, you can use this idea for your entryway and front porch as well.


12. Fall Inspired Fireplace Mantle Décor




The pumpkins add that unique fall feeling to this mantle.

Plus, the clean white look is great for all modern homes, apartments, and farmhouses.

I especially like how that tree branch stands out in the all-light backdrop.

This decor style is welcome to stay all year long.

One more thing:

Did you notice how open the space feels?

That’s why you can use this combination as small farmhouse living room ideas.

Read More: Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces


13. Add Farmhouse Color


@the cotswold company


If you’re stumped on how can I make my living room look like a farmhouse, the answer is simple:

Stick with neutral colors, simplicity, authentic features, antiques, and lots of wood.

For those who have a love affair with neutral colors, farmhouse style is heaven.

Seriously, a light and fresh color palette is always a great choice.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go with white.

Think pale blue… Or beige.

And once you have neutral walls, you can add some other light furnishings for a simple and uncomplicated look.


14. More Fashion Rustic Furniture


@alexander waterworth interiors


More furniture is always a good choice for farmhouses.

That’s because farmhouses are inherently rustic and natural.

So there’s not much space for plastic chairs and tables.

You want to stay old-school.

Here’s a good idea:

Plan to create a casual space…

… A space that’s worn in like it has been around for a while.

And what better way to do this than by bringing more rustic and repurposed furniture?


15. Wall-Mounted Apple Picking Basket




This should be included in all lists of farmhouse living room ideas on a budget.

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a soft apple picking basket can become one of the best farmhouse decorating ideas for living rooms.

Seriously, it is as interesting as it is beautiful.

Plus, the rustic wood around it makes it stand out even further!

In addition to apple picking basket, you can use a rustic farmhouse windmill wall decor or palais essentials farmhouse wall art as well.


16. Woven Coffee Table Tray and Books




Sure, you might like the rustic coffee table on its own.

But if you put a well-decorated tray on it, it’ll add warmth and farmhouse character to the living room.

A jute coffee table tray is a good choice for this idea.

And as far as what items it can hold, here are a few options:

  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Pumpkins


17. Reclaimed Wood Furniture


@country living


“Vintage” is nice.

“Reclaimed” is even better!

This coffee table’s simplicity makes it so interesting.

Even if you place it in the living room without any other decor on top of it, it’ll still look beautiful!


18. Incorporate Authentic Features




Farmhouse style is all about comfort, simplicity and authenticity!

Sliding window doors, wooden ceilings and distressed furniture make this living room so appealing.

And notice how the decor items from the cabinets and coffee table act as the final piece of the puzzle in this room decor.

Estate sales and flea markets are your friend for finding these kinds of authentic features for your rural decor.


19. Modernized See-Through Hanging Industrial Lighting




Part of what makes farmhouse decor so appealing is its inclusion of historical pieces.

This hanging lighting fixture would be the perfect blend in any modern farmhouse.

The see-through design makes it beautiful even when the light is off.

And if you have a lighter or neutral background, this fixture will add great contrast to the room.


20. Beige Sectional Sofa




Neutral and farmhouse go hand-in-hand.

Normally, white is the obvious neutral design choice for most people.

But if it’s too basic or risky for you, go for a beige sectional sofa instead.

Then, add a few throw pillows, a rustic coffee table and wall art to create the final look!


21. Opt For Woven Decor


@we are nomads


Woven baskets are great for eclectic interiors.

Their handmade nature aligns with the rustic nature of a farmhouse. 

Plus, this farmhouse style is still in 2022.

Which means you can buy one and use it for years without having to worry about them looking outdated!


22. Stunning Chandelier


@country living


Add a statement-making rustic touch to any living room with this eye-catching fixture.

Here’s the thing:

If you’re a fan of unusual decor styles, this old animal feeder and antique European chandelier combination is a must-have!

And notice how it fits beautifully with the tin ceilings and rustic farmhouse living room furniture!


23. Add A Tufted Sofa


@the source room


The farmhouse can definitely offer a hint of luxury.

This living room by The Source Room is a great example of that.

It combines classic elements with an elegant tufted sofa for an unexpected sophistication.

Also, pay attention to the wall art.

It shouts farmhouse in every way possible!


24. Classic Contemporary Accessory Décor Blend




Modern farmhouse living rooms have modernized lamps, couches, chandeliers coffee tables, and neutral colors.

But to create a more balanced look, play with decor a little.

That way, you can stage a room to look both traditional and modern at the same time. 

For example:

This living room combines a rural table and a few contemporary décor ideas, like a modern sofa, 

to create a balanced look.

Experiment with modernized lamps, couches, chandeliers and coffee tables a bit.

That’ll help you enjoy the farmhouse style without leaning too heavily into a rural look.


25. Industrial Coffee Tables




This is another idea that incorporates modern and traditional farmhouse living room ideas.

This room has many modern decor items, like a gray sectional sofa, round black mirror, galvanized flower bucket and wood candlesticks.

But see how smartly an industrial-style farmhouse coffee table is mixed into this room.

In fact, I should say that it’s the most statement-making piece in this room.

And this farmhouse chic idea is definitely a conversation starter!


26. Consider An Eclectic Look




If you don’t get a rustic vibe from a farmhouse, it should an eclectic home.

Especially modern farmhouses have simple design foundations.

So first, have a neutral backdrop.

Then, play with patterns, texture, your favorite color-filled art or objects, or a luxurious textured sofa or woven rug.

That will make the colors pop and let your personality shine!


27. Airy Office


@country living


Living rooms don’t have to be limited to family gatherings.

In fact, it has become common to use living rooms as home offices during COVID.

So if you work from home, turn your living room into an airy office that would make work much more enjoyable.

Take inspiration from this antique farmhouse living room table and touch of greenery while doing that.

The same combination can also be used as dining room.


28. Unique Eclectic Cinnamon Painted Sign




You could use any board with a life quote on it to add more home decor.

But in order to give it a farmhouse, cottage living feel, the board has to be rustic.

And the use of cinnamon in this DIY farmhouse piece does exactly that.

In addition to using any other muted rural color tones, you can add any words of your choice.

That will give the board a personalized feel!

For example, these words are common for farmhouse living room wall decor ideas:

And So Together They Built A Life They Loved


29. Painted White Wood Coffee Table




A recent trend among living rooms is the use of all white items.

To be honest, I like this trend.

It’s just an interesting and fun way to liven up your living room

There’s no twist to this small coffee table with drawers; it’s just painted with chalk white.

See how it blends with other neutral colors and contrasts well with the black frame windows…

… and how it makes the space airy and well-lit!


30. Modern Yet Traditional Furniture




If you want a farmhouse look, you have to focus on the room furniture. There’s just no doubt about that.

That said, a great twist is to incorporate furniture with modern yet traditional elements: That will enhance the farmhouse living room aesthetic.

For example:

One would think that this green chair has a ‘minimal and understated’ design.

But looking closely will make it clear that the new tweed fabric is adding texture and earthy hues…

… Which is important for combining modern and traditional styles!


31. Cozy Living Room




Comfort and farmhouse should be two synonyms of the same word.

This living room (or abode should I call it) is a great example of that.

Notice how the slipper chair and the vintage sofa surrounded by exposed brick and wooden beams make it the perfect cozy living room.

And that original fireplace makes it the ultimate place of relaxation!


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