42 Teenage Girl Room Ideas That Are More Than Just Pink And Glitter

42 Teenage Girl Room Ideas That Are More Than Just Pink And Glitter


Are you a teen looking to add some glamour or drama to your room?

Or maybe, you’re a mom looking to spruce up your daughter’s room?

Either way, we have tons of ideas for you!

Most of these teenage girl room ideas are inexpensive yet oh-so-chic.

So take inspiration from them to create a space that’s practical, stylish and full of personality!


Teenage Girl Room Ideas To Create A Personalized Space


1. A Perfect Coastal Bedroom




This is a great room for the teen who has a sporty personality.

But it can work for other teens who just like a breezy, beachy look and feel.

It is designed by Laure Nell Interiors and is a great example of a modern, colonial home.

Notice the dip-dyed bedding in ocean-inspired hues and the wall covered in weathered and white wood boards.

These two things set the tone for coastal style.

And that faux fur bean bag chair in the corner enhances that seaside feel.

Plus, you can’t ignore that fringe chandelier made of cotton yarn: It will be a great addition to any teen girl bedroom.

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2. Dark Color Scheme




Go for high drama like this teen girl’s bedroom.

It uses dark floors, a wall-to-wall gallery wall, and a floral bed to make a statement.

The colors have a slight edge to them.

Which makes the room perfect for a teen with a bold personality.

Plus, this whole scheme bypasses trends:

That means you won’t grow out of them too quickly (hopefully).

A dark color scheme can look girly as well as grown-up at the same time.

So don’t be afraid to use it.


3. Cozy Seating Corner




Every bedroom should have a comfortable seat.

But this hanging chair takes casual bedroom decor to a whole new level!

Check out the twinkle lights, pillow, blanket and that soft fuzzy rug underneath:

These all create the perfect seating corner for chilling out.


4. Chic Ceiling Decals




A white bedroom can look too basic.

So add some glamour to it using cheap yet chic ceiling decals.

Anyone who enters the room will notice this showstopper.

One more thing:

If you have textured ceilings, you can go for a stencil and paint instead!


5. Hanging Chair




This article has tons of seating options.

So for more ideas, stick around for a while.

Here, we have a hanging chair for the perfect chill space.

It’s perfect for the teen with a creative side.

In addition to the cool, retro hanging chair, the colorful rug and the gallery wall make it a great chill-out zone.

What else will look good instead of the gallery wall?

A creative Haus and Hues inspirational wall art!


6. Fairy Drapes




I know you want to impress your friends when they come over.

So do that by adding fairy lights.

Twined through sheer drapes, the tiny twinkling bulbs in this particular setup add a touch of magic to everyday life.

Plus, these lights are nowhere close to being aggressive!

So use them to get an ethereal feel in a warm white room that’s sure to delight your friends and family!


7. An Elegant And Sophisticated Bedroom




You will eventually grow up.

So consider versatile furniture that’ll work for you as you mature.

For example:

This bedroom is perfect for any teen on the edge of adulthood.

The black and white curtains, the matching accent pillow, and the vanity and chair set make this room one to behold.

And yes, it does have pops of pink with a soft side.

But it doesn’t make the room juvenile!


8. Oversized Headboard




Teenage girl room ideas are all about creating comfort and personal spaces.

And a great way to do that is by using an oversized upholstered headboard.

The best part about this headboard is its size:

It’s so big that you can use it as a pinboard for photos!


9. Bold Purple Color Palette




For the bold, eclectic teen, there’s nothing quite like a bold purple color palette.

But don’t just focus on purple themes:

Bring in some patterns as well.

For example:

The vintage pieces and fashion-inspired fabrics in this room will transition well as you become a full-fledged teenager.


10. Grown Up Wall Stickers




Waking up to the sunshine coming through the windows is unmatched.

And this room is a good visual example of that.

Apart from being open and airy, this teenage girl’s bedroom is decorated with a large ‘LOVE’ wall sticker.

Which is far far away from anything childish.

And it also pairs well with the fluffy cushions and the comfy rug.

A cool girly space overall!


11. Boho Perfection




Texture, texture and more texture!

That’s where you want to focus if you’re creating a trendy boho look in your teen bedroom.

For example:

This room has a woven wall hanging, a chunky knit blanket and macramé plant holders.

Which complement each other to create a perfectly textured bedroom for teenagers!


12. Quirky Furniture




Add a pop of bold color with quirky furniture.

This idea is great for teen girls who are edgy!

For example:

This room uses a pop of a vivid hue to uplift a neutral color scheme.

The orange side table is the center of attention here.

While the muted shades and slubby textures on the wall act as a canvas.

Overall, the room feels fresh, young and fun.


13. Upcycle Old Doors




Are you looking to have an unorthodox room decor style?

If so, this upcycled door is a great inspiration for you.

It’ll work great in living rooms, bedrooms as well as entryways.

Also, if you choose something like this shabby chic mirror, it’ll cost you so much less than a new one!


14. Clash Colors For A Bolder Look




I told you that our teenage girl room ideas are more than just pink and glitter.

Here’s just one proof:

This powder blue bedroom is complemented by bold orange and other decorative touches.

And there’s not even a single hint of pink.

Yet, the whole room feels feminine!


15. Drape Fabric On Canopy Bed




Drape flowy fabric on all four corners.

That will add a dramatic touch while feeling feminine at the same time!


16. Colorful + Functional




How about teal wall paint?

That will make a chic splash in any tween’s room.

You can take a cue from this cozy retreat.

The white furniture, bedding and accessories blend perfectly with the wall color.

And look how the wall-mounted flat-screen TV pairs with the gallery wall.

That’s what you call stylish and functional at the same time!


17. Wall Of Memories




A great DIY room idea is to display your favorite photos, postcards or other paper memorabilia.

Use a net of interlocking ribbons attached to blank walls.

The best part?

You can switch out the art whenever you want.

This will help you adjust your room decor to changing moods, styles or tastes.


18. Cozy Seating/Chill Out Area With Pillows




Here’s a good way to create an awesome seating area that doesn’t involve chairs.

Take cues from this room and add cushions, pillows and blankets on the floor.

That will create a nice hangout space.

You can use the same scheme if you have a small bedroom.


19. Layer Up The Same Tones




Steal the idea of using grown-up textiles from this teenage girl’s bedroom.

The Hermes blanket, the velvet seat pad, and ikat cushions all compliment each other nicely.

Also, look at the upholstered built-in wardrobe doors.

Don’t they give a grown-up look to this space?

I bet any girl would like them!


20. Floating Shelves




Normally, teenagers use floors as their wardrobes.

Puns aside, many teen girls could use a functional organization method like closet organizers.

But to double as decor, floating shelves like these are great.

These will be really beneficial especially if you have a smaller room.


21. Slumber Parties




If you’re looking for a spot for slumber parties, copy this room.

It has two vintage-inspired four-poster beds, one of which will be for the guest.

The room’s white, gold, and purple palette is so classic.

And finally, the luxurious Mongolian fur pillows are the perfect decorative accents for any girl’s room.


22. Chunky Letters




Want a statement piece that immediately draws the eye?

Go for these big letters then!

Notice how good the faux bird’s nest and flower wreath, the juxtaposition of man-made metallics, and earthy organics produces look together.

The whole setup is also great for fall or farmhouse-style decor.


23. Built-In Loft And Bunk Bed




If you’re starting a room from scratch and you have some cash to splurge, make a similar bunk bed.

The whole space just looks so high-end.

Especially the shelves by the bed and an extra loft area on top make this room stand out!


24. Organize Artistically




Storage can be a problem for teens.

Sometimes, they have a large collection of accessories.

And it’s hard to store it in a regular jewelry box.

So instead of making a mess in your drawer, take cues from this piece.

You can find a similar piece on Etsy.

But if you’re a pro DIYer, you can make one using scrap wood or pre-fabricated shelves and cup hooks.


25. Day Bed For Teen Room




This works great as teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Here’s why:

For starters, it works as the perfect hanging-out spot during the day.

This means no need to bring an extra chair or two.

And when it’s night, just remove the throw pillows and it’s a cozy bed.

Now, that’s what you call killing two birds with one stone!


26. Floral Prints




A splash of floral prints is a great way to create a dreamy teen girl room.

Also, if you want to keep your space from feeling too juvenile, take inspiration from this room.

The floral print makes it look like a grown-up’s room.

And at the same time, the use of pink on the bed and wall gives it a young, feminine tone.

A great interior design overall for all mature teens whether they’re 13 years old or 16!


27. Get A Little Vain(ity)




Modern, sophisticated, elegant, gorgeous…

You can describe this room in plenty of ways.

But the bottom line is: a vanity is important in a teenage girl’s bedroom.

The Victorian-style mirrors and the Eiffel Tower sculpture sets the tone for the Parisian flair.


28. A Dreamy Brass And Lucite Space




This is the peak of elegant, modern teenage girl bedroom ideas.

Seriously, if you have this glam, white, gold, and black teen bedroom, all your friends will be jealous of you.

What’s great about this space is that it’s nowhere close to childish.

For example, the Lucite four-poster bed and matching hanging chair are something to behold.

Many adults will want to have them in their rooms!


29. Writing On The Walls




You can find these letters on Amazon for a few bucks.

And to take things further, pick curtains and strings lights to create a replica of this teen girl wall decor.

Overall, a great budget bedroom makeover idea!


30. A Blend Of White And Bold Colors




So bold!

Yet so pretty!

This room perfectly uses the white walls as a backdrop for colorful decorative accents.

From blue patterned bedspread and vibrant pillows to the molded plastic chair in hot pink, it’s bold decorations at its peak!

Just notice how the wall art personalizes the space…

And how good that adorable pink orchid looks!

So cool!


31. Custom Loft Bed With Desk Area




Here, we have another custom design idea.

Adding a desk area and a couch wouldn’t have been possible without the loft bed.

While talking about loft beds, do you know the difference between loft beds and bunk beds?

Actually, these two types of beds make use of vertical space.

But in the case of loft beds, there’s just one top bunk: The space below that can be used for a lot of purposes.


32. Stunning Headboard




Incorporate a stunning headboard to make a statement.

This stylish piece of furniture can take a bedroom’s decor to the next level.

Like this teen bedroom has a peacock-inspired headboard made of wicker.

Other decorative accents like pillows, lavender bedding and two turquoise table lamps make the whole room so much elevated.


33. Simple And Bright




Do you like these high ceilings and large window seat?

If so, then I’m with you because I love how they give a simple and open feeling!

And notice the neutral colors paired with the natural light from the window!

It’s just so bright and lively!


34. Custom Built-In Bunk Beds




Normally, I don’t talk about decor ideas that break the bank.

But bunk beds are an exception.

If you can, make bunk beds in the room to get a girly feel!

However, if you don’t want to splurge, I’m not going to force you.

You can use other budget decor ideas from this article.

After all, I’m a supporter of budget decor!


35. Patterns Everywhere




Did the polka dot rug in this room catch your eye?

I bet it did.

And I love how other patterns, including this polka dot, bring everything together…

… without making the bedroom too chaotic!

Bookmark this room if you’re looking for great black and white teenage girl room ideas!


36. Canopy Bed




Do you want a statement-making bed in your room?

Then, take inspiration from this canopy bed.

It gives a feminine feel without going overboard.

I also love how it feels a bit coastal!

A good bedroom decoration idea overall!


37. Pretty Accent Chair




Add a pretty chair in your favorite color.

And decorate it further with a fun pillow and comfy blanket.

That will create a great sitting space.


38. Hanging Chair In Corner




Or if you want a more stylish seating option, get a hanging chair that looks unique in the corner of the room.


39. Dual Purpose




This setup can be used as a vanity or as a desk for homework or studying.

And it’s all because of the mounted wall mirror and stowable fabric storage.


40. Four Poster




Create the ultimate grown-up feel with a four poster.

It’s a great upgrade from a child’s room.

Also, use quirky accessories with chic metallic bedroom furniture to elevate the girls room decor.


41. Pops Of Color




Pink is too cliché?


But it’s also so pretty, like the gray and pastel pink bookshelf proves in this cute room.

You can also bring a pop of color to your furniture by painting the backs, shelves, or sides of bookcases in a bright hue.


42. Coordinate Colors




What’s the one thing that makes everything in this room a cohesive whole?

The choice of colors!

Gray, teal, and salmon accents, all play their part in making this retro chic space a room that’ll please any girl.

One more thing:

Instead of the letters, you can put your favorite room decor posters for teen girls.

Or another popular option is Roginga-Ato inspirational wall art.

Either way works!


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