10 Bathroom Decor Ideas No Matter The Size of Your Space

10 Bathroom Decor Ideas No Matter The Size of Your Space

Are you looking for an easy upgrade to your modern bathroom?

Or maybe, you want to spruce up your your small powder room?

Or maybe, you want a spa-like oasis on a budget?

No matter if you have a spacious spa bathroom, a tiny half bathroom, and a small bathroom, these bathroom decor ideas will help you out regardless of the size of your space.

These bathroom ideas will kick off your much-needed redesign (even if you have a tight budget)!

Even better, these renovations are not permanent so if you’re renting a space or try new upgrades often, they’re good fo you.

10 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

1. Moody and eclectic interior

Bathroom design by Studia 54



Most people think that your bathroom is only functional.

We agree to to some extent.

But it can be a exceptionally well-designed room.

And this idea proves that.

2. Add clever storage solutions

Ladder as a bathroom storage solution


Don’t have the time or budget for a complete renovation?

Try this idea.

All you have to do is buy or spruce up an existing ladder.

Not all bathrooms have a linen closet, so this ladder is a good cheap bathroom decorating idea. If you have some money to spare, you can bring a armoire!

This way, you can keep all the toiletries and linens at hand.

3. Appreciate light, air, and your green outdoors

Light coming into a bathroom


Imagine yourself in this batghroom on a relaxing Sunday!

A pair of curtains or some airy and well-lit view of your green outdoors is all you need to breathe new life into your bathroom.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can add an area rug and some blue accessories!

4. Bring the spa experience to your home

Bathtub chandelier by LeAnn Baker Interiors


The floor-to-ceiling drapes from the above idea add a little spa touch.

But if you want to take it further, introduce a beautiful brass starburst chandelier!

5. Install peel-and-stick wallpaper

One cheap bathroom decor idea is to wallpaper the cabinets


If you have plain inset cabinets, wallpaper them.

You can make this improvement in an hour.

Want to personalize this bathroom decor idea?

Add a playful custom wallpaper to display your favorite Insta moments!

6. Layer other decorative accents, like stylish rugs

Bathroom decoration rug by Mocha-Girl


Most of the bathroom decorating ideas you find on the internet are made for minimalists.

Not this one!

Check out that showy rug, those retro green cabinets, and those brass accents!

Maximalists are going to dig this space!
Introduce expressive artwork

Monopoly Waterworks art in a bathroom


Monopoly lovers will love this bathroom!

8. All-white bathroom

An all-white bathroom with brass accents


Have an all-white bathroom and move your shower enclosure to a corner especially if you have a small bathroom.

This way, it won’t feel cramped.

9. Rustic bathroom

A rustic bathroom by Sommerhus Magasinet


Just one word: Wow!

10. Bathroom lighting

New bathroom pendants


How about these retro pendants?

If you want to go a little further with bathroom design makeover, swap in new cabinet hardware!

Also, you can hang a floating shelf because you’ll always need more storage space in your bathroom!

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