10 Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Add Charm To Your Home

A well-decorated room with wall hangings and a centerpiece

10 Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Add Charm To Your Home


I’ll argue that the bedroom should be the first place when you start decorating your home. Why? Because it’s probably the place you’ll spend your most time in. So you should give it some extra time and attention.

That said, the problem is that the bedroom ideas you found on the internet can get expensive. But not the ones you’ll find in this article!

The budget bedroom decorating ideas I’m going to discuss are simple and won’t break your budget! So use them to add a charm to your bedroom and home!


10 Simple Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas


1. Upgrade Your Hardware


A pink and gray bedroom cabinet


Just like some people spend time on earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry, you need to spend time on your room’s hardware.

For starters, a new set of knobs or pulls on, say, your nightstands or dresser can refresh the whole room.

And if you want a little adventure, paint a piece furniture of furniture over the weekend.

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2. Over-Filled Pillows Are The Way To Go

Over-Filled Pillows in a modern bedroom

If luxury hotels can do it, so can you.

Over-filled pillows are a great way to make a room feel high end. So if you have an 18-inch square pillow, for example, buy 20-inch inserts.

And as far as the number of pillows go for this bedroom idea, go for 2 pillows per person.


3. Introduce A Tray

A tray with candles and other budget bedroom decoration items



Bedroom ideas on a budget like this one don’t cost much.

All you have do is stock a tray with candles, pretty perfume bottles, your favorite creams, jewelry, or other small items you already have. That will instantly class up your room!


4. Add Visual Richness Through Texture


This can be done using rugs, greenery, playing with pattern, hanging wall art, and installing curtains.


5. Style Your Nightstand

A Nightstand with a cute lamp on it



Nightstands don’t have to be boring.

But before decorating them, make sure that they are organized. Don’t leave those water glasses on them for long.

And for the decorating part, you can choose a cute lamp, bring in a plant, or hang something in the empty wall space behind the tabletop. It’s a good budget DIY small room decor project for the weekend!


6. Upgrade Your Mirror

An oval mirror hung on a wall



Mirrors are one of the staple budget bedroom decor ideas. So there’s no doubt that you should have one in your bedroom.

But if you have fallen in love with your current plain mirror, it might be time to upgrade it. Go for an antique-inspired piece. Or something that has a personality, like a curvy mirror.

A mirror with a shelf will also help you in the form of extra vertical storage in the bedroom.


7. Use Trendy Lighting Options


The word “DREAM” written on a bedroom wall and decorated with string lights



Trendy doesn’t need to be expensive.

And these string lights prove that.

Want other bedroom lighting ideas? A drum-shaped pendant, sputnik lamp, or small chandelier are a few bedroom makeover ideas for you when you’re working on updating the bedroom lighting.


8. Don’t Overlook Curtains


Curtains aren’t going to cost you a fortune.

But they’ll elevate the look and feel of your bedroom. So this simple tip should be on every bedroom ideas on a budget list.

While we’re talking about curtains, it’s a good idea to pick the large mirror in the above image. It’s great especially if you have a small bedroom.

Now, you may see a divide among experts on whether you should raise the curtains or let them graze the floor.

Some design and decor experts say that if you want your room to feel loftier and your windows to seem larger, raise your curtain rod two to three inches below the ceiling line.

But I think grazing the floor is also good.

So choose whichever style you like.

Either way works!


9. Showcase A Special Piece

Vintage looking artpiece hung on the wall behind a bed



One of the best budget decorating tips I’ve ever received is to go with my personal style.

After all, we all have hobbies, and with hobbies come interesting stuff. Hang that stuff on the wall to make your space look bespoke and more like you!


10. Choose Vintage Textile Over Fancy Headboards

A DIY Wall Mounted Fabric Headboard



Headboards can be expensive, so avoid including them in your budget bedroom ideas list.

Instead, find a vintage textile that will make the space above your bed look pulled together!

Here’s a tutorial by DIY Passion on how to make a DIY wall mounted fabric headboard like the one you see in the picture above.

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