Budget Decorating Ideas – 12 Ways To Refresh Your Home

Budget Decorating Ideas – 12 Ways To Refresh Your Home


These easy DIY home decor ideas allow you to update your home even when you’re on a shoestring budget!


Budget Decorating Ideas


1. Stencil Those Boring Drawer Fronts


Basic drawer fronts elevated using stencil


Drawer fronts can look boring sometimes. Add some sizzle to them using a simple chevron stencil.


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2. Update Doors With Fluted Film

Modern home with fluted glass door



This Instagrammer saved £100s on this stunning DIY reeded door upcycle. Read their story.

Similarly, a plain display cabinet can be transformed using glass film. This is also a good way to prevent chips and scratches.


3. Don’t Want To Buy An Expensive Lampshade? Turn A Cheap Basket Into One!

Several basket lampshades


Make a small hole in a basket, add a bulb and cord in it, and there you have it – a budget décor item that looks like an expensive designer piece.


4. Use Paint To Bring Out The Best Of Your House

A painted border of a wall that draws attention to lovely period door frames


If you are looking for room decorating ideas on a budget,  one good idea is to tinker with paints. Great features can be highlighted if the paint is used artfully. It needs a little intuition though. For example, if you have beautiful door frames, paint the borders of the wall. It will draw attention towards the door frames.


5. Hang Framed Wallpapers

A framed wallpaper hung on a wall, and beneath it is a small table with decorating items on and around it


These types of DIJY projects make budget decor possible. Choose simple frames so that the eye is drawn towards the patterns. You can experiment with different patterns as well. This is one of those decorating on a budget ideas that add a fresh, new look to your space.


6. Decorate Your Walls With Your Own Artwork

A table with DIY budget decorating project items, like black-handled scissors and blue threads


It is one of those cheap decorating ideas that require you to be a little creative. That said, you don’t have to be a Picasso to do that. Just take a piece of fabric, stretch it over a canvas, and staple it into place. There’s your artwork. Hang it on the wall, and no one will be able to tell if it’s just a piece of cloth or came out of the hands of a savvy artist!


7. Make Cushion Covers With Leftover Fabric

Two black and white patterned cushions


Watch this tutorial for some inspo!



Use the same fabric you used to make your artwork as cushion covers. It will accentuate the look of the room.


8. Add Life To The Room Using Plants

Snake plant in a vase with another plant and two small three-legged tables around it


Greenery adds life and a gorgeous hit of color to any room. If you can’t find real plants, go with fake greens. Some of them really look good.


9. Rotate Your Collections


Different decorating and daily-use items on kitchen shelves


This is a simple tip that allows you to decorate your home for free. All you have to do is rotate your displays regularly. It will provide an instant refresh and prevents a scheme from being too static.


10. Make Your Bookcase Less Boring

Different shelves containing books and other budget decorating items


How? Create ‘breathing space’ in a scheme by using some shelves for decorative accessories. This will break up the repetitive nature of a book collection.


11. Introduce A Coffee Table In Your Living Room

A simple coffee table in front of a big black sofa


No matter if you have a small room or a large one, this is one of those budget decorating ideas that are also practical. Take the practicality up a notch by getting a coffee table with shelves.


12. Update Rugs, Cushions, And Fabrics

Living room with lampshades, framed wallpaper art, plants, a table, and a grey sofa that have different cushions on it


Updating soft furnishings will uplift the feel of the room. You can change the textures with the season as well: delicate florals for springs and heavier textures for winters.


There you have it: 12 home decorating tips & ideas on a budget. Use them to add character to your home even when your pockets don’t allow that!


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