6 Easy Budget Home Decor Ideas To Give Any Space A Crafty Makeover

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6 Easy Budget Home Decor Ideas To Give Any Space A Crafty Makeover


Do you love DIY home projects?

I know you do!

That’s why I’m sharing these budget home decor ideas with you to put your handy skills to the test.

These DIY projects are also a great way to add character and personality to your home, so give them a try if you feel like your home could use a style makeover!


6 Budget Home Decor Ideas


1. Decorative Pinboard


Bring new energy to your living room or home office by displaying your favorite cards or photos. You can also use your child’s artwork for a seasonal display that’ll add a personal touch to any room.

It’s up to you if you want to buy a frame or make your own. Also, make sure that your pinboard is easily accessible so you can update the arrangement as often as you’d like.

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2. Painted Hallway Console Table



Stumped on what to do with that plain old console table that’s been collecting dust in your attic?

Turn it into a conversation starter by covering it in your favorite paint.

If someone asked me for DIY home decor ideas and I was in a bright mood that day, I’d tell them to paint the table in a fuchsia shade!


3. Wallpapered Or Stenciled Cabinet Doors



Do your cabinet doors look boring?

A fun DIY home project is to covert them with graphic wallpaper or use stencil on them.

To revamp them even further, you can switch out the door knobs! Include this in your top home decorating on a budget ideas!


4. Coffee Nook Decor


Make every morning special by setting up your very own coffee nook.

If you’re into budget decorations, one idea to make a unique coffee station is by using built-in shelves. Then, you can place mugs and stirrers there and add a whimsical wallpaper for a touch of drama.

If you like a clean look, you can also install a curtain to keep machines or cords out of sight!


5. Themed Gallery Wall


Bring a dose of elegance and class with an unexpected gallery that features images of different themes.

Simple budget decorating ideas like this don’t take much time, so give it a try this weekend!


6. DIY Console Nightstand


Many room decorating ideas are about traditional, expensive nightstands.

Like this one:

A high-end night console

But not this one! I’ll advise you to go with a low-profile or DIY console table.


Put mirrors or different artpieces so that it becomes a focal point in your room!


Affordable home decor ideas I discussed above are designed to put your style on full display. Plus, you don’t need to be an expert crafter or home designer to use them. So give them a try whenever the creativity bug strikes!

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