14 Cheap Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Pictures

A very well-decorated bathroom with a plant, mirror, lighting, and a towel in it

14 Cheap Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Pictures


Bathroom renovations can be expensive in many cases.

However, I believe that decor doesn’t have to cost lots of money.

That’s why I came up with these 14 cheap bathroom decorating ideas with pictures.

I know you want to spend lavishly on that clawfoot tub of your dreams.

Or you want to order that premium sink marble that your friends have fallen in love with!

But don’t be hasty.

Good style can still be achieved while staying within a certain budget.

Here’s my top bathroom styling tips and hacks that give the high-end look without the high-end price tag!


Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget


1. Incorporate Brass Accents


Brass mirror and sink valve in a bathroom

If you’re looking to give a cosmetic upgrade to your bath and add a sense of luxury and older style, brass is your friend.

For starters, you can introduce basic brass accessories, like a faucet or mirror.

But if you can’t find these items, there are tons of other ideas, like a brass soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder or even a set of hardware for hanging towels and robes.

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2. Add A Small Table


A small table placed near a bathtub

If you like to spend some time in the bathroom (referring to your favorite bubble baths), add a small table next to your tub.

As shown in the image, a small slim side table will host your drinks, books, candles, soaps or any other things you like.

Plus, it’s a great way to show a sense of luxurious style.


3. Get An Indoor Tree


Different plants inside a bathroom

Make a fresh, stylish bathroom interior by incorporating an indoor tree.

Trees (literally) add life to any space, so why not introduce one to your bathroom?

As you can see above, the greenery adds style and life to this basic bathroom.

That said, shelves, corners, and windows are a few places where you can keep an indoor tree or plant.


4. Paint Everything One Color


Bathroom walls, bathtub, and sink painted in one shade of white

Make your space look more luxurious by picking just one color.

As you might have noticed in many high-end places, less is more (Think Louis Vuitton stores!).

Plus, picking one tone will make things a lot easier in terms of bringing in more bathroom decor items.

I mean if you already have 6 colors in the bathroom, bringing one more colorful decor piece may make the bathroom feel overwhelming!

On that note, choose a color that’s both on-trend and visually interesting.

If you want to go basic, white is always a great option.

And don’t be afraid to paint the faucet white as well.

It’s still better than making a cluttered bathroom!


5. Choose A Colorful Rug


A colorful antique rug on a bathroom floor

This one might seem in contradiction with what I just said above.

But it’s one of the best bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.


Well, if you have painted the entire bathroom in one color, and then you bring a colorful rug, it will look balanced.

On the flip side, a colorful rug in a colorful room may look like a circus room; a look you don’t want for your bathroom!

When used correctly, a colorful rug will bring warmth into a bathroom.

And the best part is that it’s an affordable decor item, which you can pick for under $50 easily.

When it comes to the colors, prints, and textures, it’s up to you:

One idea is to buy a rug that has fringe and pops of neon in it!


6. Botanical Wallpaper


A botanical wallpaper on a bathroom wall above the sink

If you opt for something similar as shown above, it will make a major impact in the bathroom without being too aggressive.

The plant and the simple rug also complement the wallpaper!


7. Swap In Eye-Catching Hardware


Drawers beneath the bath sink

This set of drawers is a simple bathroom decor case study.


Because it reminds us that extra storage is always good in any room, let alone the bathroom!

You can bring other types of eye-catching hardware, like a set of rose gold handle pulls, that will help you tuck away unsightly essentials.

Think about it:

A couple of towels hung on the walls look good as decor items, but too many of them are better when hidden inside a cabinet!

The hardware you bring can make the room a lot more high-end.

But don’t buy expensive items, like custom marble countertops, for this look:

Choose something affordable instead, like a marble tray, and use it to stack your items.


8. Splurge On Soap


High-end soap, hand wash, and toothbrush on a bathroom sink

While the clawfoot tub that caught your eye recently is too expensive, sticking with minor additions is one of the best cheap bathroom decor ideas!

For example, a fancy soap for guests is a great addition to make the bathroom feel a touch more elevated.

Believe me:

It’s way better than spending thousands on installing a new marble sink!


9. Use Fake Plants


A fake plant placed on a wooden bar that’s placed on what looks like a bathtub

I talked about adding greenery up there.

Here, I talk about it again but now the fake one.

That’s because many people just don’t take care of real plants.

Plus, what if they die out? Would you be okay with buying new ones on the regular?

So instead, use fake plants to make an impact.

Buy ones that cost only a little and don’t look totally fake.

And then display them together in a vase or bolster a bouquet of flowers with them.


10. Display A Robe (Or Two)


Two robes hung on a bathroom wall

Just hang a robe somewhere in the bathroom and see how it makes your space feel spa-like!


11. Write A Witty Quote On A Blackboard


A blackboard with the following quote on it: Use me well and keep me clean, I’ll never tell what I have seen

You can keep changing the quote on the blackboard after a while.

But honestly, this one is quite perfect.

I mean who will forget to flush the water after reading this quote?


12. Suspend A Shelf


A suspended bathroom shelf with a few bottles in it

If you’re looking for cheap and easy DIY bathroom ideas, suspend a compact wooden shelf on the wall above your sink!

Use it as storage space and style it with your favorite decorative accents at the same time.

Killing two birds with one stone! Sweet!


13. Bring A Decorative Ladder


A decorative ladder with a towel on it

Again, lean a ladder against the wall and place a couple of towels on it to see how great it looks!


14. Incorporate Leaf Motif


Leafy wallpaper on a bathroom wall

It felt like the wallpaper I mentioned up there is not enough.

So another idea is to use a leaf pattern to make a statement.

Plus, check out how the tiles on the floors give this bathroom a homey feel!

Copy the whole look for your bathroom if you want!

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