11 Savvy Cheap Decorating Ideas For Kitchen To Make A Style Statement

A well-organized kitchen that’s been decorated using plants and wallart

11 Savvy Cheap Decorating Ideas For Kitchen To Make A Style Statement


The kitchen is the hub of your home.

It’s where you spend a lot of your time.

And that is exactly why it starts to look boring after a while.

But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your budget when updating your kitchen, as these 11 cheap decorating ideas for kitchen prove!

With this range of clever kitchen ideas, you can add a lot of decor to your kitchen.

No matter if you want to make your small kitchen seem big or transform the entire scheme, I’ve got something for you!

So buckle up for some cool ideas!


11 Cheap Decorating Ideas for Kitchen


1. Introduce Plants


Two plants placed on a kitchen shelf

If your kitchen seems lifeless, the first thing you should do is add some plants.

What kind of plants should you bring? Well, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Cast Iron Plant are a few good options to get started with.

If you don’t just want to place them on the shelves, you can try some DIYs.

Take a glass jar and tie a metal cable around its neck. Then, hang it on a cup hook screwed into a plank or wood. It’s a fun project to do over the weekend.

You can further decorate these jars with pasting beautiful designs on them.

Or you can write the name of each plant on the side of each jar with a chalkboard pen.

Whatever you do, remember to water them often! A dried plant is not always a good sight!

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2. Paint Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets painted in a greenish color

Here’s the thing:

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and spend a bit of time wielding a paintbrush, painting the cabinets is a good idea.

You’ll get a premium look at a budget price point this way.

If you have basic colors for your kitchen, like cream or white, this kitchen idea will act as a canvas.

That means you can tinker with some trendy colors and apply them to your cupboards to get a fresh feel.

If I’ve convinced you to paint the cabinets, just be sure to prime them first. Otherwise, it can turn into an unprofessional finish!


3. Replace Cupboard Doors


So, you’ve painted the cupboards but you’re still not happy with the look!

In this case, you can replace doors and drawer fronts. I’m not talking about buying a whole new fitted kitchen at a hefty price:

I’m suggesting you should spend a small amount on little things like doors or door handles to make a huge impact!

Pro tip: This idea is great if you want to make a style statement.

For example, if you have matte doors, you can bring high gloss doors this time. Or if you’re tired of acrylic doors, maybe it’s time to add that wood charm to your kitchen.

Try different things to change the feel of the whole space!


4. Install a Magnetic Chalkboard for Fridge


Blackboard Planner, Memo, Event and Notice Board



Need a spot in the kitchen to keep the whole family in check? Try hanging a noticeboard on the fridge!

The fridge is a kitchen item you frequently use. So hanging a noticeboard on it is a practical decor idea.

The next time you open the fridge door, it will remind you to keep your to-do list in check!

That’s a lifesaver if you consider how difficult it can be to finish all those house chores!


5. Bring In Pattern


A rug placed on a modern kitchen floor

Whether it’s the kitchen wall or floor, the pattern will add a fun touch to an otherwise boring space.

It can be a vintage-inspired rug you can place on the floor. Or it can be those leftover bed sheet pieces that can you hang on the wall.

Whatever pattern you introduce, it will add tons of personality to even the smallest of kitchens. 

If you plan to bring more than one piece to the kitchen, make sure the patterns on them have a linking color between them.

You don’t want to convert your kitchen into a carpet shop!


6. Improve Your Kitchen Storage


Different kitchen pots hung on a rack

One of the best cheap decorating ideas for kitchen is organization!

When everything is sorted out perfectly, it creates a sense of relaxation that’s good for the eyes.

So if you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and haven’t organized it well, set aside an afternoon this weekend for that.

Sift through your kitchen cupboards and find items you use every day. Then, hang them on the kitchen walls so you can access them easily.

Don’t forget your worktops. They’ll instantly improve your kitchen and won’t cost you anything.

Alternatively, you can bring extra kitchen shelving and hanging rails to make use of every available space.


7. Install Extra Lighting


4 lights in a country-inspired kitchen

Smart kitchen lighting ideas are the difference between an ordinary kitchen and a premium kitchen.

Rather than bringing a $500 light that’ll break your budget, I’m asking you to bring budget lighting options that’ll light up different parts of the kitchen in a fun way.

One idea is to bring a row of pendant lights that’ll provide a welcome pop of color. Then, you can also have task lights over the worktops and on the extractor.

There’s not much chance of going wrong with an overhead lighting with ambient light in a dining area.

You can DIY these ideas over the weekend. If you’re not confident, find a qualified electrician to help you out.


8. Change The Tap


A matte black tap in a modern kitchen

Want to change the look and feel of your kitchen in a cheerful yet cheap way?

Add a copper tap or one with white ceramic handles.

In addition, if you can get a stainless steel or black design, it will add a distinctive character to your kitchen instantly!


9. Cover Up With A Curtain


A kitchen cabinet covered with a curtain, and above that cabinet is wall that’s been decorated using a floral wallpaper

Still stumped on how to decorate a kitchen on a budget?

Bring those country vibes by covering up appliances with a curtain.

I know you’ve spent quite a fortune on that small fridge. But it might be spoiling the look of your kitchen. So don’t leave it exposed.

The same goes for the cabinets:

If they’re painted in basic colors, covering them up with a curtain is always a good idea.

Also, you don’t have to buy new curtains. If you have some sewing skills and some sheets hidden in the closet, make fresh curtains yourself!


10. Create A Feature Wall… Or Two!


I’m a big fan of wallpapers for a number of reasons.

Here are two of them:

  1. You can instantly add color and vibrancy to an old space using them.
  2. They’re easy to install!

See the wallpaper in the image from the above section? You can create a similar stunning look by buying cheap wallpaper from Amazon.

Just make sure to get wallpaper that’s specially designed for the kitchen, so it is heat and steam resistant!


11. Hang A Pan Rack


Different metal pans hung on a kitchen rack

Tired of going through your cabinets to find pans and utensils?

Invest in a ceiling rack that’ll let you have kitchen essentials close to hand.

Extra storage solutions are always good in the kitchen.

Plus, with this particular solution, you’ll also add a period feel to your scheme!

If you want to soften this look, bring some dried flowers!




How can I decorate my kitchen cheaply?


Use things you already have at home. This can vary from leftover paint that you can use to paint kitchen cabinet doors to bulky pans that you can hang on ceiling racks. Other cheap kitchen decorating ideas include changing the tap, installing extra lights, and bringing some patterns to the kitchen area!


How can I decorate my small kitchen?


One of the best and cheapest ways to decorate a small kitchen is by bringing patterns. For example, you can add a vintage-inspired rug to add some personality to your kitchen. Other ideas include choosing light colors and decluttering the area.


What colors make a kitchen look bigger?


I’d suggest you go with light colors. They make your kitchen seem bigger by reflecting more light. If you think whites and creams are too basic, go with light blues, greens, or pale yellows for that extra pop of color!


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