8 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Party

8 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Party


Let’s be honest:

We all love parties.

Even the introverts among us would love to hang out for half an hour in a fun party!

That said, parties are not always cheap: They can break your budget – by a big margin!

So to make sure that your excitement about throwing parties don’t turn into regret, I’ve compiled a list of 8 cheap decorating ideas for party.

The list contains minimalist-looking ideas that are fairly economical.

So use these ideas to throw a memorable party without breaking a limited budget!


Decorate Your Next Party Without Breaking The Bank


1. Bright Colors



If there’s one thing that can be associated with party decor, that’s the use of bright colors.

No matter if you’re looking for party decorating ideas for adults or kids, bright colors like red and pink will be everywhere.

Parties have these flashy colors to inspire joy and liveliness.

We’ll discuss other decor ideas below in the article. But there will be a common theme among them: they all have that much-needed pop of color!


2. Balloons



Any list of inexpensive decoration ideas for parties is incomplete without balloons.

They are the holy-grail of parties.

Even if you hang them on your wall on a normal day, your friends will ask you, “So you threw a party last night and didn’t invite me! Huh!”

If the party is for youngsters, include more colorful balloons.

And if the party is for adults, stick to a limited color scheme.

Fill the balloons with confetti and then pop them one by one. This will bring lots of excitement for children!

Where to put the balloons? Well, it’s up to you: You can hang them on the wall and ceiling. Or scatter them on the floor and tables.

Experiment with different fun-shaped balloons.

One idea is to go with letter balloons that you can easily find on Amazon. These balloons can be customized with particular phrases or specific numbers on them.

When everyone in the party has a balloon with a name on it, they’ll remember this day for years to come!


3. Candles



Candles let you add quick party vibes without spending a fortune.

That’s why they’re the next item on our cheap party decoration ideas list!

Balloons are fun. But they don’t add the final touch of intimacy.

And that’s precisely where candles come in!

If you want trendy party decoration at home, place candles around food areas. That’ll improve the overall ambiance.

Take it up a notch by introducing a set of scented candles.

You can experiment with different sizes and heights to create a more fun impression.


4. Natural Backdrop



If you’re looking for cheap party decorations ideas, I’ll give you a free one: Let nature do the talking!

There’s no need to buy complex enhancements.

Just arrange some chairs and tables in a natural scene. It can be your own backyard. Or it can be the garden of your favorite hotel.

Whatever place you pick, make sure it doesn’t need much decoration to enhance its beauty and transform into the perfect party venue.


5. Decorative Buffet



So, you’ve chosen a party set with a natural backdrop and scattered some balloons on the ground and tables.

Now, let go of fancy dishes and decorate with your food.

In fact, even if you’re decorating an indoor party, it’s one of the best cheap decorations for all parties ideas!

The key is to learn how to properly showcase the menu.

Buy pedestal bowls to highlight your food. Or try some DIY birthday party decorations on a budget.

For example, you can glue freshly painted melamine bowls to candlesticks to elevate the buffet!


6. Floor Pillows


Especially if you’re dealing with kids or have a casual group, it’s a great idea to use floor pillows.

If you have plenty of floor space, toss around a few pillows on the ground to create a visual distraction:

This way, people won’t notice your so-called cheap decor!


7. DIY Popsicle Party Invitations




Looking for easy DIY party decorations?

Take a few cardboard pieces, cut them into Popsicle shape, paint them in different colors like pink, yellow, and purple.

Then, glue them onto ice cream sticks. And there you have it: Colorful party decor for almost no money!


8. Mixed Dinnerware



Who wants to get expensive dinning tables when you can create a similar looking decor by mixing dinnerware?

Seriously, you don’t need to match dinnerware.

If you go with a mismatched set, it can still create that decorative effect.

On top of mixed stemware, glasses, and plates, bring colorful elements, like satin ribbons or cloth napkins, to bring some texture!


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