Let’s Get It On! 31 Cheap Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For That Special Night

Let’s Get It On! 31 Cheap Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For That Special Night


Want to turn your bed into a romantic oasis while staying on a budget?

Use these 31 cheap romantic bedroom decorating ideas!

The list contains obvious ideas, like roses and candles…

… and not-so-obvious ideas, like organizing the pillows and hanging cute picture displays with lighting.

So use these cheap romantic bedroom ideas to set the mood no matter what time of the year it is!


Romantic Bedroom Decor On A Budget


1. Special Occasion Roses



I know roses can be a bit cliché, but name one person who hates flowers!

At least, that person is not your spouse! (Otherwise, you might have chosen a boring partner. Lol!)

Roses are the most romantic flower and are absolutely gorgeous.

So if it’s a special occasion, like an anniversary or a birthday, place a bouquet of roses on the bed or on the bedside table.

Believe me, it’s way better than getting a $500 chandlier!

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2. Romantic String Lights



These lights cost no more than $20 on Amazon. That’s why they’re a good candidate for our cheap romantic bedroom decorating ideas list.

Hang them in any arrangement to suit your specific taste or decorative theme since the lights are so versatile.

And even though these lights are tiny, they make the room look whimsical and vibrant.

A great DIY romantic bedroom makeover idea if you ask me!


3. Lofty Canopy Bed



Is there anything more romantic than a lofty canopy?

When used with roses and candles, they set the stage for an unforgettable night!

In addition to hanging a canopy, make an inviting space with all that cozy fabric and fluffy pillows.

The bed setup will want you to live in the moment with your partner!

Also, if you choose a neutral color scheme, like white and blue, it will make the space look more open!


4. Bedroom Sign



You can never get enough of bedroom signs!

They let you express your love for your spouse with beautiful words.

So hang a classic piece of bedroom signs above the bed and see your hopeless romantic soul shine through!

(Side note: If you’re looking for more of these bedroom sign ideas, hang around a bit. This article has a few more romantic bedroom sign ideas for you below.)


5. Scent



Any list of romantic bedroom ideas for him is incomplete without scent!


Well, because most men love fragrances!

I know some guys are not into clones. But most of them would fall in love with a place that smells good!

And as far as what fragrances to use, you have lots of creative freedom here:

  1. Oils and candles are no-brainers.
  2. Then, you have your spouse’s favorite perfume.
  3. You can also use sandalwood, patchouli, and woody scents, which work for both sexes.

But whatever scent your bring into the room, it should make the space more romantic, not uninviting!

And where do you add this scent?

  1. If it’s candles, put them on the bedside table.
  2. If it’s oils or perfumes, add a few drops to your linens before making the bed.

Caution! Make sure to use only a few drops of the scent that doesn’t leave stains on the linens!

Otherwise, the next day will not be a delight for you!


6. Romantic Bedroom Design



If you’re looking for romantic bedroom ideas for married couples, keep in mind that you don’t have to splurge on high-end items, like those $176 Fornasetti candles!

You can make your space a touch bit more romantic by making the bedding a little more cozy using regular sheets and pillows.

That said, it requires a little creativity.

So recall if you have fabrics hidden in the cabinets.

These items can be used to make the bedroom more cozy and inviting so that you and your partner can share a tender moment together!

And even if you don’t already have plain sheets and pillowcases, you can buy cheap ones from an online store!


7. Paint



If you’re looking for romantic bedroom wall decor ideas, paint the entire room or just an accent wall.

$100 is enough to add that cozy factor to your bedroom using paint.

And also, choose the color that both of you find attractive!

You don’t want to throw all the romance out of the windows just because you picked the wrong wall color!

One more pro tip: Don’t paint the day before the special day. Otherwise, that hideous smell will kill all the romance!


8. Starry Night Dreamy Bedroom Curtains



Curtains should be included in any list of cheap small bedroom ideas.

And obvs, you’d already have beautiful curtains in your room.

But to add the romance factor, install small lights on them.

The goal is to make you both feel like you’re resting under the stars!


9. You’re Always In My Heart Sign



When it comes to romantic bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, wall art is your friend!

Classic and simple, the words on this wall art show the inept eternal love one feels for their partner.

Hang this wall art above the headboard to give a visual reminder of your love for your better half!


10. Curtain Headboard


Headboards are an expensive decor item.

So if you’re on a shoestring budget and want to decorate your bedroom, hang a romantic curtain headboard.

You can take it up a notch by adding a romantic quote that reminds each other of the important things in life.

You can also choose a quote that sparks the intimacy between both of you!


11. Fairy Tale Canopy And Rug Combination



I felt like the canopy needed another section.

So I added another canopy idea.

But this time, in addition to adding a canopy, add a striped rug on the floor to give a welcoming feel.

Make sure to use one color for pillows, curtains, and bedsheets in order to make the rug pop!

Don’t have a four-post bed?

No problem.

Just attach a gauzy sheet or curtain to the ceiling and create your own canopy with ease.

A simple DIY romantic decor idea, right?


12. Color And Light



Sounds too simple?

Well, that’s the magic of color and light.

If you have a vibrant headboard, pillows, and sheets, the lighting will seem to bounce off of these vibrant colors.

The whole look will look clean and uniform, which is romantic in itself!


13. Bohemian Romance



Again, you don’t see any roses or other cliché romantic decor items in this bedroom.

But the clean look is romance for many people.

Sometimes all you both want is a clean, nicely decorated space to sit and talk about each other’s days.

And this place does exactly that!


14. Scattered Rose Petals



The cliché romance is back!

Seriously, roses have become the go-to romantic decor item for some reason: They add that magical touch to any space and event!

You can scatter them about a bedroom setting.

And if you’re feeling extra romantic, create a rose petal path for your lover to follow.

Then, you can show your love with heart-shaped red rose display on the bed; that will set the mood for a romantic evening.\

You can be creative about using roses.

But the bottom line is you want to make it clear that you need some alone time together!


15. Try Something New



Now, it’s time to get creative.

You can move things around and see how it changes the look of the bedroom.

Maybe, you can bring some pillows from the living room to give you both a feeling that you are on vacation in a high-end hotel.

Or you can try those DIYs you saw on YouTube recently.

The key is to try different things and see which one adds that special romantic look!


16. Birdcage Candle Holders



After roses, the only item that is used more often to give a romantic feel is probably candles.

There’s something special about turning the lights off and letting candles do their magic.

As you settle down for the evening, these birdcage candle holders will indulge you both in their soft amber glow meandering its way across the room!


17. Dreamcatchers



If you don’t want to go overboard with your romantic decorations, a dreamcatcher is a good item to hang on the wall.

It offers a soft and romantic decorating touch that shows how much you care without being too aggressive!


18. Slim Miniature Pink Taper Candle For Romantic Bedrooms



It seems like I can’t get enough of candles and roses.

To be honest, I’m a fan because these two items lay the foundation of any romantic decor project.

And specifically, these slender pink taper candles set the mood for a romantic night with your better half in a fun way.

Line them around the room for complete captivation.

Not too bright, the design of these candles is also something else!


19. Red And Pink Felt Confetti Hearts



Oh, how much I love confetti!

Sprinkling darling red and pink confetti hearts mean that you’re showing your passion to your special someone.

The pretty hues of reds and pinks show that it’s not an ordinary evening: it’s a special occasion where you’re showing your love to him/her.

Place them on the nightstand and all over the bed for a total look.


20. Comfy Rug



Who doesn’t love the sight of a comfortable rug?

With the luxurious feel that cheap bedroom makeover ideas like this give, you both will feel more intimacy as you step on the plush comfort of this rug.

Elevate the feel by adding a few pillows and sheets that complement the rug!


21. Be Mine Sign Designed For Romantic Bedroom Decor



Make a romantic center for you and that special someone by hanging a Be Mine sign on the wall or placing it on the side table.

You’ve always made it a priority to spend time with your spouse.

So why not show it using this sign!

These two powerful words acknowledge your commitment and serious desire to pursue this lasting and meaningful relationship!


22. Cute Heart-Shaped Garland


Make a romantic statement with a cute, heart-shaped garland.

This will bring a sense of happiness and love to your bedroom.

Where to put this garland?

Well, experiment with it a little.

You can hang it on the windows.

Or you can decorate your headboard with these soft and squeezable hearts.

And if you want to make every day feel like a special day, keep this garland up all year long!


23. Roses And Mirror


Mirrors decorated with roses are a perfect representation of special occasions.

Mirrors are great romantic decor items in themselves. But when you keep some flowers in front of them, their romantic details pop immediately!


24. Cute Picture Display With Lights



Enhance your splendid memories by hanging a few pictures of yourselves and decorating them with lights.

This combination captures the nostalgic beauty of your personal romance perfectly.

You can use the exact arrangement shown in the picture.

Or you can add your personality to it by experimenting a bit!


25. Sitting Space



Celebrate this special moment by creating a sitting space where you can both sit and talk.

The bed is amazing. But there’s also nothing more romantic than just sitting down on a couple of chairs and talking about your day or the past memories!


26. Love Letter



Anyone born before 2000 would know how romantic these are.

Even if you are from the younger generation, dabble into love letters this season.

These letters have always been a staple for romantic expression and kept the romance alive for millions of couples in the past.

But what to write in a love letter?

Well, you can try writing down your own thoughts and feelings.

And if you don’t have word prowess, you can take something from the pages of Shakespeare:

His sonnets will help declare your love for that special someone with utter charm!

You can also decorate this love letter further using a few flowers!


27. Pillows



How you place the pillows matters a lot.

So make sure they look organized; otherwise, the clutter will stop you leading to the pillow talk!

Similarly, what pillows you use matter a lot.

Make sure to use soft and plush pillows.

And to add touches of romance, the colors of pillowcases should be light as well.


28. Bathtub



I know this is a list of cheap romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

But the bathtub is so important if we’re talking about romance.

Make sure that the bathtub in the room is well decorated with candles, rose petals, scents, and other items.

Also, make sure it’s clean: Otherwise, all romance will go right out the windows.


29. Plants



Normally, roses are associated with romantic decor.

But one other aspect that can accentuate romance is plants.

You can take things to another level entirely by simply putting plants on bedside tables and corners of the bedroom.

Plants are great additions to any decor. So leave them in the room even after your special night!


30. Light A Fire



Besides roses and candles, one of the best romantic bedroom ideas for couples is to light a fire in the fireplace.

If you want to ignite the passion like no other, don’t ignore this idea!

The burning fire, stones, the paint on the fireplace walls, and the unburnt wood are a few things that give the feeling of a romantic honeymoon.

These things also give a sense that no one is there to bother you: It’s just you and that special person!

And if you ask me, I’d pay millions to get that feeling!


31. Go All White



If you want to add a touch of romance to your room, go all white!

  1. Paint the walls white.
  2. Have white bedsheets and pillows.
  3. Bring a white bedside table.
  4. Hang a white canopy!

Seriously, there’s something about white that sparks an express romance experience!

All-white interiors channel the dreaminess of clouds without being in-your-face romantic!

If you want to make a bedroom that your special someone will never want to leave, stick with white or lighter colors!



How can I make my room romantic for cheap?

Candle lights, roses, love signs, and confetti hearts are your friend if you want to make your bedroom romantic on a budget! Sprinkle rose petals and confetti hearts on the bed or on the floor. Or you can hang a garland on the head of the bed. Hang love signs on the wall as well. Finally, place candles on the bedside table or anywhere you feel they can add that romantic touch!


How do I make a romantic room for her?

She loves roses and confetti hearts. That’s for sure! And if you want to take your romantic room up a notch, place a love letter on the bed you wrote for her! Gals are hopeless romantics, so do this trick for your special woman, and she’ll make your evening!


What can you do romantic for your man?

If it’s a special occasion, make sure the room looks romantic. You can use roses, love confetti, and candles to do that. If you want to go a little further, you can hang a canopy and make sure all bed sheets and pillows are white. Then, sprinkle some rose petals on the bed to get it on!


Have a special night with that special someone? Use these 31 cheap romantic bedroom decorating ideas to help spark inspiration and get yourself on your romantic way!


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