16 Cheap Room Decorating Ideas To Add Instant Charm To Any Space

16 Cheap Room Decorating Ideas To Add Instant Charm To Any Space


Want to have a room full of decor items you love while staying within your budget?

This guide is exactly for you.

Here, we’ll go over 16 cheap room decorating ideas that will help you renovate every room in your home.

So without further ado, let’s get into the list.


16 Cheap Room Decorating Ideas


1. Consider Tapestry For Your Walls



Art can be expensive especially if you buy one from an art gallery.

If you choose to print one from the internet, framing can still be expensive.

A good alternative is filling your walls with a tapestry. That way, you’ll get a polished and dramatic look without breaking the bank.

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2. Buy Iconic Pieces From Not-So-Iconic Brands



If you find any list of cheap room decorating ideas that tells you to shop at high-end stores, consider it trouble.


Well, for example, Eames molded plastic chair costs between $5,000 and $6,500. But you can pick a replica for around $100.

Buying from new or lesser known brands means that you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re on a budget!


3. Consider An Affordable Bar Cart



You shouldn’t build a dedicated place for drinks in your home.

That’s because it requires plumbing and built-in requirements which can get expensive fast.

Instead, consider the more affordable (but equally stylish) bar cart.

That way, you’ll be able to entertain in style! Plus, these carts can be moved easily. So you can use them in the rooms as well as take them to the patio!


4. Dabble In Antiques



If you’re a big fan of elegant and elevated looks but not the price tag that comes with trendy items, shop antique items.

  • Normally, if you buy bigger furniture pieces, it can wreck your budget. But if you pepper in some antique furniture, it’ll balance out your budget.


  • Find furniture made in the 1940s or earlier because it’ll cost you way less than current pieces.


5. Introduce A Sconce



If you’re a fan of cheap room decor ideas, opt for a plug-in sconce: That will give the look of some popular trendy lighting without breaking the bank.

Skipping the typical hard-wired lighting means your room will look more fresh.

Chandeliers are also nice but buy one with a price point that’s much more approachable.


6. Hang Up A Wall Mural



Wallpapers are great to add color and pattern to your space

But guess what, they can be expensive. And not to mention, time-consuming!

So instead, hang up a wall mural to create a beautiful, textural backdrop for an accent wall, allowing you to make a major style statement!


7. Opt For Natural Fiber Rugs



Rugs give that finished and cozy look to your room. But if you’re budget-conscious, not all fibers are for you.

You want to go with natural fiber rugs, made of jute, sisal, or seagrass.

Choose pieces that are highly versatile and hold their value—and could even appreciate over time.

Introduce a bit of color and texture using rugs to your room as well.


8. Pot A Plant



If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and live with sustainability in mind, plants are a great addition to your home.

They tend to be one of the best budget bedroom decorating ideas.

Also, you can go with Faux plants and style them on a beautiful stand or in a handcrafted pot.


9. Paint An Accent Wall



I’m not asking you to paint the entire room: Paint just one wall. That will instantly give a new feel to any room.

And when it comes to the choice of color, you can play a bit.

For example, if the entire room is painted in dove grey, how about painting one wall in orange? That will look so modern.

Also, did you notice bedroom makeover ideas are really simple? You just have to be a little creative!


10. Remove Items With No Purpose



Even room decorating items have a purpose: They are there to give a special feel to an otherwise boring room.

But if a decor item is dated, worn, or damaged, it could be killing the look of your room.

So get rid of these non-essential items to give your room a clean slate.


11. Add Curtains



Everyone under the sun knows how beautiful curtains look in a room. But if you think they’re expensive, think twice!

You can buy curtains made from cheaper materials.

For example, 2-pack of 100% blackout curtain panels made of Polyester cost just $34.60 on Amazon!

A pretty good deal if you ask me!


12. Hang Prints



Instead of buying new art, try your hand at your own art piece and frame your creation.

That way, you won’t complain that art costs a lot of money.

Maybe, you don’t want to paint but you’re still up for some DIY room decor ideas?

You can trying your hands at framing different pieces of fabrics and hanging them up!

That’ll also transform any room!


13. Set Up Sales Alerts



Imagine this:

You see a beautiful decor piece on Etsy but it’s out of your price range.

What would you do?

No, disturbing your budget is not an option here.

Instead, you want to try to buy it on sale.

Use different apps, like ShopStyle, to set a sale alert for products from hundreds of major brands!


14. Go Thrift Shopping



If your sales alerts don’t bring you anything special, don’t worry:

You can always go thrift shopping.

These places have lots of used (pre-loved) pieces of furniture and decor that’ll transform your room.

While we’re on that note, don’t forget antique shops. They can also offer some cheap quality decor items!


15. Turn Plates Into Wall Art



Do you have a cheap plate set you scored from H&M?

Or maybe, you don’t use those china plates that are catching dust in your cabinet anymore?

Try hanging them in a cluster on a blank wall. That will give your room an instant update.


16. Rearrange The Furniture



This room decorating idea will cost you literally no money.

All you need is a bit of time, creativity, and some strong muscles.

Think about it: When was the last time you organized your room furniture?

If it’s been a while, rearrange it in a new layout: That will make your room feel like brand new!


Try these room decorating ideas whenever you are about to renovate your home!


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