Decorating With Fabric: Make Every Room of Your Home Pretty With These DIY Ideas

Decorating With Fabric: Make Every Room of Your Home Pretty With These DIY Ideas


After reading this article, you’ll be like:

I never knew there were so many ways of decorating my room with fabric!

Here’s the thing: You’re here for a couple of reasons (Most likely):

  1. You just love fabric and can’t get enough of it around your home.
  2. Or you have found a piece of fabric (Maybe, a leftover from a DIY project). So now you’re looking for different ways or ideas to decorate your home with it.

Either way, we’ve got a few ideas for decorating with fabric.

From no-sew curtains to fabric as wallpaper, we’ve got something for everybody.

And yes, you should also stick around if you could also use a few tips on decorating with fabric.


Ideas to decor your home with fabric


Hang a shabby chic closet curtain door room divider




You didn’t see that coming.

And so didn’t I!

We see regular curtains every day. But a good way to use them is as a room divider.

You don’t need to buy an expensive door. Just use a few strips of  vintage fabrics covered with gorgeous florals and tie them to the side of the room dividier or  walked thru easily.

These chic curtain vintage and antique linens are quite versatile.

So you can display them in any opening for a perfect gypsy, boho or shabby chic look.


DIY IKEA pillows




That was a no-brainer, right?

I agree that decorating with fabric doesn’t get any better than that.

But instead of buying ready-made pillows, you can DIY them at home.

Here’s how you can make a pillow from an IKEA KLEJS Rug.


Frame pretty fabric




Here’s another budget DIY project for you.

How do you decorate a wall with material?If you’ve got any fabric in your stash, just frame it and put it on display. Believe me you’ll enjoy looking at it every day.

Here’s another good idea: Frame bright colored fabric,such as cotton, silk, linen khaki, etc. in an abstract pattern for art in your dining or living room.

It’s an easy project. And the best part about it is that guests will always ask where did you buy the art.

DIY Indigo Wall Art With Framed Fabric




This is just another fabric framing idea.

But you can go with any leftover fabric you have.

This tutorial will teach you how to wallpaper with fabric using starch.


Instead of framing it, hang fabric directly on the wall




That’s great if you don’t want to spend time on framing the fabric.

Just use command strips instead of nails while hanging the fabric. It’ll save your paint and wall.

Read More: How To Hang Pictures And Artwork Without Making A Hole In The Wall


Cover a lamp shade with fabric




If you’re up for creating a beautiful bedroom that doesn’t have to cost a fortune, DIY projects like this are a good start.

Here are a couple of tutorials for you:

DIY Decoupage Lampshade

How to Cover a Lamp Shade with Fabric


Try French country decor: AKA summer table decor




Do some yellow and blue table decoration with pops of gold.

Spruce it up with lemon centerpieces and yellow florals.

And you’ll have tons of complements from your guests.


Spruce up an old bookshelf




Here’s a budget decor item you can score from a flea market.

You may find a bookshelf that’s a little less prettier than a new one.

And put some pretty wallpaper on it to get a perfectly good bookshelf

(For even cheaper, you may find a bookshelf missing all the inner shelves. Making it functional and pretty will require more time and DIYing. But you can save way more money this way.)

Here’s another bookcase wallpaper that you may find prettier:




Grandma’s dresser?




DIY patchwork headboard




This idea doesn’t need much description.

The bottom line is: if you want to try budget DIY and have stunning-looking furniture, patchwork is the way to go.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a fabric headboard.

Here’s a tutorial on how to decoupage furniture with fabric.


Reupholster a chair










Again, a living proof that you don’t have to throw your old furniture before trying a DIY makeover project on it.

If you’re wondering how to reupholster a chair for yourself, here’s your tutorial.

Or better yet, here’s how you can reupholster almost anything.


Hang curtains in different rooms


In the bathroom




In the living room: More Buffalo check


@furniture blog


You can also try these:

  • Ripplefold Drapery
  • Roman Shades
  • Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels
  • Fabric Wrapped Blinds & Shades


Get some sofa chairs


Is Indigo the new black?:




A little old school, maybe:




For the love of Buffalo check:




Here, you can go gradmillinial style.

You can try a boho look.

Or you can go country. Whatever you do, let your personality shine through your decor.


Spruce up the ceiling


@the snap assembly


Hang fabric from a rod on the ceiling to achieve this Moroccan-style look.

A few more budget decor ideas

Now, you know many ways to decor with fabric. Don’t stop there. Go and read this article on plenty of budget decor ideas!


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