Here’s The Difference Between Vintage And Antique Rugs

A vibrant rug in an outdoor living room

Here’s The Difference Between Vintage And Antique Rugs


Here’s the deal:

If you’ve decided to buy a rug that’s seen a few years (or lifetimes), it’s important to understand the lingo.

That’s right!

Even though they’re both from the past, there’s a difference between vintage and antique rugs.

Let’s find out!


Antique Rugs


By definition, they are more than 100 years old.

But are antique rugs worth it? Of course! These classic floor coverings are second to none when it comes to artistry and craftsmanship.

They tend to be costly because they’re hand-knotted out of naturally dyed wool, silk, and cotton. Their quality increases depending on how dense the weave is.

Also, they might not be made in your country because mostly Persia, Turkey, Morocco, and China make them.

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Vintage Rugs


What is considered a vintage rug? According to experts, these rugs are over 30 years old. Unlike antique rugs, you may find vintage rugs that are made in your own country.

Also, they lack the craftsmanship of antique rugs because they’re synthetically dyed. This is the same reason they’re cheaper.

People still tend to like them because they offer some softness and warmth of antique rugs but without costing the same money. They can definitely be better than many modern rugs!


How To Distinguish Between The Two


When shopping for these two types of prized floor coverings, don’t get confused. The difference between vintage and antique rugs can be identified by looking for details.

If you touch an antique, it’ll feel very soft and malleable. If you roll back a corner or side, it will move effortlessly. Also, it’ll be heavier than other rugs.


Pro Tips When Choosing A Rug


You want to buy one that you find attractive and that complements your home decor.

If you get an ugly rug or carpet just because you like its age or origin, you’re going to regret in the end.

When shopping for rugs, pay attention to scale and size. Know the dimensions of your space in advance.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring your own measuring tape to the carpet store, flea market, or wherever you’re buying the rug. It’ll pay the reward because both vintage and antique rugs don’t come in standard sizes.


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