4 DIY Uses For Leftover Wallpaper If You’re Decorating On A Budget

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4 DIY Uses For Leftover Wallpaper If You’re Decorating On A Budget


Don’t throw the leftover wallpaper from your most recent DIY budget decor project.

Instead, use it to elevate any room in your home without using any paste or brush.

I share 4 unexpected uses for leftover wallpaper (plus one bonus idea) in this article. These ideas are great for you if you’re looking for ways to decorate your home on a budget.


Unexpected (or maybe obvious) uses for leftover wallpaper


1. Line The Inside Of A Drawer With Wallpaper


Leftover wallpaper can be used as drawer liners.

First, make sure that it’s cut to fit the drawer. Then, use double-stick tape or removable mounting squares.

This way, the lining won’t shift and frustrate you when you’re trying to find something in the drawer.


2. Use Wallpaper As Artwork



Frame a few pieces of wallpaper and group them together to create a miniature art gallery.

A mat board can help you while cutting a section of wallpaper.

Adjust the mat to find the piece you want, trace around the outside of the mat, and cut.

Simple, right?


3. Use Wallpaper As Wall Hanging



It’s one of those uses for leftover wallpaper that allow creativity. For example, you can hang the wallpaper like a scroll. This will give an Asian art touch to a room.

How do you do it? First, take a couple of wooden rulers and fold the top and bottom edges of the wallpaper over them. Then, secure with tape and hang from a ribbon. And voila, it’s ready!


4. Use Wallpaper As Tin Can Camouflage


Why should the tin cans look boring? Elevate the look of any can using leftover wallpaper.

Plus, you can replace chipped mugs with empty cans covered with wallpaper. Here’s how to cover a can with wallpaper:

  • Step 1: Clean the empty can and peel off the label.
  • Step 2: Cut a strip of wallpaper that’s the size of the label. You can also use a measuring tape for this purpose.
  • Step 3: Secure the strip to the can with double-sided tape along the top, the bottom, and the seam.




What can you do with one roll of wallpaper?

You can use one roll of wallpaper as a drawer liner, artwork, wall hanging, and book cover. So if you are left with one roll of wallpaper after a DIY décor project, don’t throw it out. Experiment with it in different ways.

Should I keep leftover wallpaper?

Keep it only if you bought it using your money! Puns aside, there’s no need to throw it. Leftover wallpaper can be used as a drawer liner, artwork, wall hanging, and book cover. So use any roll of wallpaper you have in a cheap budget decorating project.

What can a child do with wallpaper scraps?

A child can use wallpaper scraps as book covers, draw liners, gift box covers, and tin can wraps.


Bonus: Book Covers


Books covered with patterned fabric look aesthetically pleasing, don’t they? While I didn’t find any tutorial on covering your book with typical wallpapers, you can try Ambesonne Rose Fabric to decorate your books. Here’s a tutorial.

That said, don’t use brown paper bags for covers though. They should be dedicated to packing lunch only. Instead, you should experiment with different fabrics to decorate your books. Plus, if your fabric is tear-resistant, that’s an added benefit.

Final Words


If you’re still thinking about throwing that leftover wallpaper, stop right now! It can be used in the 5 different ways I discussed above. Try these uses for leftover wallpaper in your next décor project and thank me later!

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