Family Room Vs. Living Room: Finally, The Difference Is Clear

Family Room Vs. Living Room: Finally, The Difference Is Clear


Here’s the deal:

When you start searching for the difference between living and family room, you’ll find tons of articles that can be confusing.

They tend to write walls upon walls of text going through history and other details without giving you a bottom line.

So to make things easier for you, I’ve made two answers.

The first one is the short answer, for those who just want a basic idea of family room vs. living room.

And the second one is the long answer, for those who want to dig deeper in these two frequently used rooms.

Let’s start with the short answer first!


Family Room Vs. Living Room: The Short Answer


The living room is located either in the middle of a house or in the front.

It can be used to entertain guests. That’s why it’s decorated more formally.

It also has nicer looking, more elegant furniture that makes a statement!

On the other hand, the family room is set farther back in the house.

It’s almost always a less formal meeting place than the living room. That’s why it often has family photos, memorabilia, and casual child-friendly furniture.



Living room is a more formal place.

That why this room has two expensive-looking paintings and high-end furniture in it



Family room is a less formal place.

That’s why you see family photos hanging on the wall in this image


Family Room Vs. Living Room: The Long Answer


When you’re decorating your home or apartment on a budget, an easily overlooked detail is the distinction between a family room and a living room.

I know there are other places of the home that needs attention too.

But having a clear idea of these rooms and their function, you can decorate these frequently used rooms accordingly.

These two rooms do have some definite overlaps. But they are different types of spaces that serve different purposes.

Depending on your specific needs, you might choose between having a family or living room, or have the option to have both.

Also, if your place has just one of these rooms, you can still manage to use it to your advantage.

So don’t worry about it. Just read the details of these two rooms and figure out what’s best for you!


Size & Location


Living rooms are often called “front rooms” because they’re located either in the middle of a house or in the front.

They’re also one of the largest rooms of a house because their purpose is to accommodate large furniture items, TVs and entertainment centers, and other ornamental storage units.

This is the place you’ll hang statement art pieces, so it needs to be more spacious without feeling crowded.

On the other hand, family rooms are located toward the back of the house. Large in size, they often lead into the kitchen.

You may also find many family rooms that have doors opening up to a deck or patio.




That may depend on your personal choices.

But most of the time, living rooms tend to be more formal. That’s because they’re used to entertain guests.


  •   That doesn’t mean you can’t use them to watch TV or relax as a family. It can fit these needs using the right furniture layout. But usually, you wouldn’t see them as a casual space.


  •   You’ll mostly see large art pieces, such as sculptures and paintings, elegant tables, beautiful lighting, and rugs there. This is why living rooms seem more elegant than family rooms.


  •   As far as what color to use for living rooms, you don’t have to be limited to all white. That still looks great. But you can venture into other colors and style if you want.


Now, let’s move on to the less formal space, that is, the family rooms.

You can hang out there individually and with large groups.

So the layout and furniture should have some variety. You can also display family photos and memorabilia there. This helps you make the room more personalized.

As it’s a casual place, kids should be able to play here.

That’s why you’ll find child-friendly couches and tables (think fewer sharp edges and less exotic materials) in many family rooms.

Also, you can place your favorite recliner in the family room to hang out.

Casual also means that it should serve many everyday purposes.

You can play board games there or watch TV as a family. Maybe, you want a quite place for a while and read a book. The family room should be versatile enough to accommodate all these activities.

Also, if you need a home office, you can set up a computer or small desk in your family room.

If you’re still stumped on what’s the difference between a family room and a living room, think about the formality of these rooms. These FAQ will help you answer this more.




Is living room or family room more formal?


Living room is more formal. It’s used to entertain guests, which is why it’s more spacious and features high-end furniture items.


What’s considered a family room?


Family room is any room in the back of your house that you and your family can use to hang out. It tends to be less formal than living room, which is why you’ll find family photos, memorabilia, and casual child-friendly furniture there.


Which room is the living room?


Living room is either in the middle of a house or in the front and is used to entertain guests. It’s a more formal place. So it has elegant furniture and statement-making art pieces in it!


Is a family room a living room?


No, it’s a different room than a living room. Family rooms is a less formal room that people used to hang out individually or as a family.


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