6 Front Porch Paint Colors For Some Serious Curb Appeal

6 Front Porch Paint Colors For Some Serious Curb Appeal


Your front porch should look amazing if you want your home to make a great first impression.

In fact, it sets the tone for how you and your visitors view the rest of your home.

With the right coat of paint, you can turn an ordinary entryway into a welcoming and inviting greeting area.

This article has 6 front porch paint colors that add some serious curb appeal.

But before that:


Consider These Factors When Choosing A Paint Color For Your Front Porch


This is related to your landscaping:

    1.  What color botanicals do you have in your garden? Play off those colors. Pick a porch color combination that complements the surrounding grass and trees.

    2.  Consider the parts of the porch that won’t be getting a fresh coat of paint. These are the architectural elements, like brick, stonework and the roof. Look for colors that complement these pre-existing features.

    3.  Don’t forget about the amount of light your porch receives. That’s because light direction can impact the appearance of paint color. If you have a south-facing porch, use lighter paint colors for porch, whereas northern light tends to bring out the cooler tones in a hue.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to select a color for your porch!


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Paint Colors For Porch


1. Muted Greens (Example: Behr’s Back to Nature)



Subtle and effortless green color, Behr's Back to Nature, on a porch



The best paint ideas for front porch draw inspiration from the colors in your surrounding landscape.

And what better color that ties in the surrounding greenery than a green shade!

Choose a green that creates a beautiful and cohesive look, like Behr’s Back to Nature:

It’s a meadow-inspired green to warm up your front porch.

The best part about this color?

It doesn’t steal any focus from your gorgeous lawn.

Also, it classifies as one of the best paint colors for indoor porches.

So use it with confidence!


2. Deep Blues (Example: Benjamin Moore’s Evening Dove)


Evening Dove 2128-30 by Benjamin Moore on a porch



If you want to make a bold statement, go with a deep shade of blue.

For example, Benjamin Moore’s Evening Dove is a chic and eye-catching shade of deep blue.

If you go with it, visitors will notice your stylish front porch scene from the street!


3. Warm Blues (Example: Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball)


Oval Room Blue 85 by F&B for a chocolate box cottage



If your front yard is already making visitors’ eyes pop, offset it with an elegant shade of blue.

Blues like this Oval Room Blue are great for an already wow-worthy front yard landscaping.

Use them to echo the skies of the warmer seasons.


4. Off-Whites (Example: Behr’s Swiss Coffee)


Swiss Coffee Behr Deckplus Exterior Wood Stains by Home Depot



If you want a basic option, but not too basic like white, go with a creamy coat of off-white paint.

You can count on it to play nicely with the exterior of just about any home.

For example, you can use Behr’s Swiss Coffee to upgrade the ambience of your front porch.

It’s a warm but neutral hue.

And because front porches take a lot of surface area, it’ll balance out the overall exterior scheme of the house.


5. Pale Blues (Example: Clear Skies 2054-70 by Benjamin Moore)


Wood floor, haint ceiling (Benjamin Moore Clear Skies (2054-70))



Maybe, you’re not ready to paint your entire porch yet?

If that’s the case, use pale blue to highlight the accents.

Start with front doors, ceilings, and shutters.

Blue porches have been a popular choice in many countries for centuries.

So choose a niche pale blue for your porch DIY project.

For example:

Clear Skies 2054-70 and Arctic Blue 2050-60 by Benjamin Moore are two great paint colors for porch.

They’re a great choice to visually extend daylight by matching the color of the sky.


6. Moody Greens (Example: Farrow & Ball’s Lichen)


Front door painted in a Dulux colour match to Farrow and Ball Lichen.



You can always count on a grayish-green shade to create a calming vibe for your front porch.

Cool and comforting, they offer an inviting sense of calm for the visitors.

Which is the reason Moody greens, like Farrow & Ball’s Lichen, work great for front porches.

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