25 Hot Home Decor Trends For The Ultimate Upgrade In 2023

Trendy living room with lots of plants

25 Hot Home Decor Trends For The Ultimate Upgrade In 2023


Every year, professional designers and decor experts predict the design trends people will welcome into their homes.

And 2023 is no different.

So for this year, I’ve scoured the internet and created a list of 25 home decor and design trends for 2023.

We’ll see lots of design and decor trends that are eco-friendly and close to nature. That’s exactly why there’ll be more plants, earth tones and green wallpapers.

We’ll also witness decor inspiration from the 70s, and the 80s, as well as grandmillennial decor.

There’ll be more multifunctional spaces with curvy furniture and lots of texture.

That said, we’ll also see minimalism in action!

With a few oldies making a comeback and a more focus on sustainability, I have something for your standout kitchen, calming bedroom, or your dream abode overall!


25 Home Decor Trends For 2023


1. A More Modern Grandmillenial


A room by Kathryn M. Ireland with a Le Style Anglais-meets-California approach



If you think of the 1940s, most probably floral patterns come to your mind. Home decor trends 2023 embrace that chintz vibe but in modern palettes.

In 2021, we saw influencers and other decor enthusiasts accept the ‘grandmillennial’ look. This year, it’ll spread even more.

Yes, we’ll have the “more is more” look like our grandparents’ interiors. But unlike them, ours will have floral and damask-printed wallpapers as the backdrop for contemporary-shaped soft furnishings.

And finally, there’ll be some glam with unexpected fringe and piping additions.

To some extent, it also feels like eclecticism in architecture. But anyhow, it’ll be popular this year.


2. Color Blocking And Color Drenching


Calm bedroom with large pink painted circle behind headboard

@benjamin moore


You don’t have to play it safe when it comes to decorating in paint color trends 2023.

I know you’ve been reading a lot about wallpapers here, but there’s always room for a love affair with creative paint ideas.

  • You don’t have to think about painting the walls as a chore anymore: Consider it an opportunity to create a personality-packed space.
  • For interior design color trends, create color-blocked walls in contrasting shades, border patrols with two-tone split level walls, and color drenching entire spaces.
  • You can change up the dynamic of your bedroom by painting a circle feature above your headboard. That’ll not only transform a bland bedroom into a welcoming sanctuary but boost your mood as well.

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3. Minimalism


A minimalist dining room



Home decor trends 2023 are a bit strange: You can try both minimalism and maximalism.

I guess that’s because there’s a lot of focus on personality this year.

Now, here’s why you should try minimalism:

We all have busy lives. So if you can have just the most important and functional items, it’ll make your home more enticing.

Think about it: If you have half the stuff you now have, you’ll be more free and in control at the same time. This way, you can enjoy your home better. So pare down.


4. Texture (Or Maximalism Marvel)


Room with lots of texture

@sarah stacey/southernliving


2023 is the year to let your personality shine through.

So whether it’s minimalism or maximalism you are into, embrace it with confidence.

With maximalism, you want to keep that “extra” effect in mind. That can be in the form of floral velvet or a 19th-century French Commode. Or it can be a combination of these.

Try richly hued palettes with rich textures like mohair for a gorgeous look.


5. Home Libraries


interior design trends 2022, home libraries



Interior design trends 2023 will embrace home libraries as people want to invest in family and personal getaways.

Homeowners are starting to understand that not everyone is a fan of reading a book on a laptop, a tablet or some other digital device.

Plus, these home libraries can be used as living rooms, so don’t worry if you’re not a voracious reader: you can still make the most of this space.


6. Modern Artisan


Modern living room scheme with natural textures, mono contrasts, and sculptural silhouettes



Softer and more naturalistic interior trends were common last year and will continue to be popular in 2023.

Remember farmhouse design style? Living room trends 2023 include similar natural decor and authenticity.

  • When I say natural, it includes natural patterns, hues, and organic forms as well as natural materials, like wood, rattan, and stone.
  • For a stylish vintage look, you can use wicker as well. To elevate the look, pair it with indoor plants and bold patterns that still feel like modern architecture.


7. Classic Canopy Beds


A canopy bed that reminds you of historic homes



Here’s another trend that’s related to maximalism: canopy beds.

We’re seeing many home decor styles that are influenced by historic and stately homes. And canopy bed is one of them.

There’s one difference though: It’ll look contemporary this time.


8. 1970s Decor Inspiration


Interior design trends 2022 inspired by the 70s

@erin williamson design


Seventies decor and colors are having a moment right now.

This means terracotta, sage and mustard colors are back.

We’re also seeing more mid-century furniture trademarks — peg legs on cabinets and coffee tables, teak wood tones and highly textured fabrics.

  • And as far as 2023’s favorite colors go, brown will be among the top list. A popular color in midcentury modern design, it has a strong connection with natural elements, which is a big thing in design trends 2023.
  • Over the years, brown’s retro charm has been loved and then loathed. Nonetheless, the browns of the ’70s and ’80s are having a moment right now.


9. 1980s Decor Inspiration


interior design trends 2022, 80s decor



Also, 80’s decoration ideas and colors are back. We’ll be seeing more mauve gray geometrics back in fashion.

So sift through vintage stores and find a fabric rug or wallcovering that really says:  The 80s are calling!


10. Soft Earth Tones


A living room filled with earth tones, like soft sage green, warm beige, and soft ivory

@calimia home


If you pay attention to the “color of the year” lists, you’ll know that soft earth tones are a big thing this year. Here’s a few major brands with their “color of the year” selection:

These selections are not random: they’re a reflection of us as a society.

We want healing and calming spaces. So expect soft earthy tones paired with sky blues, warm browns, and soft grays.


11. Plant Power


Biophilic design with plants

@this is linen


Nothing gets more close to nature than plants.

And they’re vital in biophilic designs:

That means calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation.

After lots of time being shut inside, plants are a great way to create a visual connection with nature. So have lots of them in your home.


12. Bold Patterns & Colors


White walls as interior design color trends 2022



Home decor trends 2023 want you to let your personality shine through by using color and pattern.

Here’s the best part: It’s up to you how much or how little of each you use.

  • For beginners in the world of bold colors, play around with throw pillows, contemporary art, or a rug against a neutral background.
  • For others, experiment with colors and patterns against each other. Mix and match them. For kitchen interior design trends 2023, try wallpapers and other 70’s retro trends for a vintage feel.


13. Green Serene


Green wallpapers as interior design trends 2022



As we see the rise in biophilic designs, there’ll be more and more green.

Whether it’s in the form of plants or wallpapers, green brings a connection with nature and a renewed energy to the room.

There are plenty of variations of green that can help you create a cozy, vibrant, refreshing, and even, dramatic look.

So explore a palette of verdant shades, like fresh fern and playful mint.

For the bedroom, try muted shades of green such as Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog.


14. Traditional Details


Traditional decor by bria hammel interiors

@spacecrafting photography


Pattern mixing, skirted or flanged furniture, and antique pieces are a hint that traditional details are coming back.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen so many changes.

So whether unconsciously or on purpose, we want calming or even nostalgic places.

There’s no wonder why we are honoring our roots this year.


15. Grandmillennial Décor


Grandmillennial Décor by Martha Stewart



This is a decor trend that we couldn’t be happier about.

Even if you don’t like the fleeting nature of trends, grandmillennial phenomenon is likely to attract you.

The chintz, antiques, and trim area are signs that it won’t slow down.

Also, it’s good to see the younger generation embrace traditional design with a contemporary twist.

  • To find historic pieces on a budget, try local and vintage.
  • No matter if you’re into rustic architecture or mid-century modern interiors, online destinations like Chairish and 1st Dibs can also help you collect things that inform your own personal style.


16. 3D Art


3D art that pops off the wall

@charlie juliet photography/lauren behfarin design


Here’s something that might top the list of wall decor trends 2023. And it’s something that’s not been prevalent in the past: a push towards 3D art.

As we continue to spend more time indoors, we want to see intrigue and life on flat walls.

So this year, expect different types of art that pop right off the wall. Plus, feature walls will also be common in 2023.


17. Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends


Sustainability is one of the best interior decor trends 2022

@perlmutter freiwald interior design


“There won’t be any homes if there’s no planet.”

Everyone has started to understand this concept which is why we’re focusing more on sustainability.

And that’s exactly why designers are searching for materials that are good for the long-term health of our ecosystem.

The best part? There’s lots of choice when it comes to sustainable materials.

I’m going to say this trend is here to stay and will transition as one of the best interior design trends for 2023 as well.


18. Mindful Spaces


Quiet and thoughtful spaces are making a great entry in 2022



Pandemic has increased the number of mental health cases around the world.

So now, we’re looking for spaces that have a good impact on our emotions and wellbeing.

We’ll see more quiet and thoughtful spaces within our homes. And if the space allows it, it’ll have our personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures.

If you can, add in a massage table or a yoga mat for some me-time.


19. Modern Home Office


After COVID, home offices have become a common thing

@amber interior design


You might have seen this coming. And for the obvious reason:

The world shifted to a new way of working in these two years.

And now that the many employees kinda like it, companies acknowledge this fact and are becoming more flexible for work-at-home or hybrid environments.

So we see an increasing interest in creating the ideal home office.

Maybe, a fold-away desk will work for you as living room trends 2023. Or you might need a roomy space with lots of stuff.

Whichever home office shape or size you go with, be sure to make your space work for you.

So don’t forget the functionality, practicality, and aesthetics of the space when designing your home office.

5 Things To Consider For A Home Office

  1. Location: The quieter the area is, the more productive you’ll be. That said, if you can’t find a whole room for your home office, consider a foldaway desk in a guestroom.
  2. Equipment: Think about things that are important for your productivity. Bring important equipment while avoiding distractions and clutter at all costs.
  3. Storage: Be sure to keep it organized and neat. Things should be kept in their place. Also, consider pretty containers because they can double as decor.
  4. Color: Choose neutral colors that calm and focus the mind. Subtle blues and greens are also a couple of good options. Avoid bright shades that can lead to restlessness.
  5. Decor: Wall art, plants, and fun rugs are a few good decor options. And as I said above, pretty storage containers are also good. But overall, avoid things that can be distracting.


20. A Return To Tradition


Traditional details will be prevalent in 2023 homes

@studio mcgee


Do you love decor and design trends based on antique styles and some history?

If so, you’re going to love this year.

English roll arm sofas, wingbacks, and simple dining tables are just a few examples of decor items 2023 has for you.

And as far as the materials are concerned, expect natural materials and things that feel organic, like marble, real wood, linens, mohair, etc.


21. (Small) Multifunctional Spaces


Interior design trends 2022 are all about comfortable and personal homes



Less is more.

Only one planet.

Creating the most comfortable and personal home.

Ideas like these are common now.

  • As we rethink the way we live, we’re moving towards tiny houses. So having the living room as a part office or office-workout room is becoming common.
  • Multifunctional furniture and storage in unusual places mean people are starting to understand they can live with less.
  • Sustainability is becoming a big thing. Solar panels on the roof, recycled wood, and thrift store finds are popular these days.


22. Implementing Curves


Curvy furniture is a big trend in 2022

@thomas barwick / getty images


This one is going to make lots of people happy.

Whether you use curves on wall corners or introduce a curved sofa or dining chair, the curves bring a fresh and soft wavy feeling.




Last year, curved furniture was introduced.

But now, this furniture design trend has really taken off.

So expect furniture with soft lines, arcs, and curves in 2023.


23. Blurring The Indoors & Outdoors


Lots of plants in a room



Again, this might be due to our craving for nature.

People are embracing outdoor living spaces, which means more families will turn to the outdoors for living and entertaining spaces.

And that’s why you’ll likely see an increase in stylish outdoor furniture.


24. Colorful Window Treatments


Tall, colorful curtains

@martyn lawrence


This year, the rise in color and patterns will be prevalent in window treatments.

As the jewelry of the room, a blend of patterns and two or three colors in drapery, shades or sheers will play a strong role in design in 2023.


25. Pantone’s 2022 Color Of The Year: Very Peri


Very Peri, a bold blue with a violet-red undertone, is Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year



“Very Peri” is Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year.

This bold blue with a violet-red undertone will be common in furniture as well as decor.

If you want a joyous feeling around the house, Very Peri is the way to go!


What’s In And Out For 2023?


Eco-friendly and close-to-nature designs are in for 2023. In addition, we’ll also witness many design and decor elements from history this year.

Velvet, safe neutrals, dried flowers, and subway tiles are a few trends that we might not see in 2023. Some people even claim that wallpapers and classic farmhouse style are out, but I don’t think it’s true.


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