How to decorate your home on a budget

How to decorate your home on a budget

I’m going to use this post to gather all budget decorating ideas I have.

These can be from brainstorming, observation, or from the internet.

But this will be a giant post in the future on how to decorate any home on a budget.

You can use it as an information archive.

Plus, I also got the idea of creating a post on how to decorate your home with no money. I’ll link to that post soon.

Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and decorate without any hassle because you won’t be needing much money for these ideas:

How to decorate your home on a budget

Have a budget mentality

Or, in other words, be good at personal finance.

This is not directly related to decorating but it’s the foundation of doing budgeting and saving on everything.

As rules of thumb, remember these principles:

  1. Have a plan for you money, aka budget.
  2. Have an emergency fund.
  3. Have no debt.
  4. Live on less than you make.
  5. Save and invest.
  6. Give.


Again, it’s not entirely decorating, but it’ll make your place look prettier.


Function comes first before design and decoration.

Airy and well-lit

Open windows.

Let the light and air come in.

It’ll create a beautiful space even if it’s a cramped space.


Having neutral colors and accents is good.

Minimalism is can be comparatively cheaper.

Use what you already have

Look for hidden curtains, pillows, art deco, etc.


This will be your friend.

Thrift stores, budget antique shops, second hand

Instead of Pottery Barn, these should be your second home.

Use natural items

Leaves, plants, seashells, etc.

Be close to nature.

Know where to splurge

You can spend some money on furniture.

But when it comes to linens and pillows, or even rugs, go budget.


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