8 Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

A small bedroom lit-up with string bulbs

8 Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces


Do small spaces make you feel claustrophobic?

If so, this article is a must-read for you!

But even if you don’t hate small spaces, there are many benefits of making the most of a cramped space and making it seem larger, like:

  • Easier to organize and clean.
  • Easier furniture arrangement.
  • Better for family events than a congested space.

Here are a few ways you can tinker with new colors, smart furniture, and storage solutions to make any room seem larger!


Here’s how you can make the most of small spaces


1. Prefer Light Colors Over Dark Ones

A small bedroom with neutral colors and greenery



You should go from dark to light in order to make a cramped living room feel spacious.

For example, if you paint the entryway with a dark color, a lighter color in the rest of the house will be more effective.


2. Let There Be Light

A small aparment bedroom with natural light through the windows



Seriously, just let the light in.

You don’t have to spend any money on it. Just make sure that the curtain rods extend beyond the window frames. This way, more light will come and the eye will be drawn outward.

On the flip side, covering up the windows makes your place look smaller. So you want to focus on bringing lots of natural light in.

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3. Center The Room

A room with two tables in the center


Many people think making any room seem larger is as easy as pie. That’s not always true.

While making more room in a small place, you can make the mistake of moving stuff to the edges.

This kills warmth.

Instead, try something that makes a sociable triangle and draw the eye towards the center. For example, you can combine a classic sofa, a club chair, and a slipper chair in your living room. A neutral-colored rug will also help to spruce up this setup.


4. Get Items Off The Floor


Items on the floor seem cluttered and unorganized.

So always keep them in their dedicated place.

For example, in the living room, you can store CDs in the Container Store’s Sky Blue library CD boxes.

And in the kitchen, use floating shelves to score extra storage and decoration space.


5. Create Reflections



You do that by drawing the eye up, not down.

One way is to use large mirrors, which are a great way to open up space.

If you lean a large mirror against the wall or hang a mirror above the dresser to reflect light from the window, you’ll make a small room feel more spacious.

Another way to make any room with a low ceiling seem loftier is by hanging pictures up high. Again, it’ll draw the eyes upward.


6. Find Items That Can Multitask


A multitasking rack that can have clothes and shoes on it

This is another great way you can make the most of small spaces.

For example, you can bring a storage rack that can keep clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

You can also pick a bookseller table that has shelves for books as well as containers for other items. This way, you can store extra small items in those containers.


7. Consider Removing The Items You Don’t Use


Putting function first is important.

Think about the items you don’t use much. And then remove them.

Or at least, put them out of sight so you can most of your small space.

For example, if you never eat in the kitchen, why not just move the table to the living room and bring in more useful items like an under-cabinet rack?


8. Create A Triangle Of Efficiency


A well-organized kitchen sink area


That’s done by moving items towards the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

You can also consider installing an Ikea Värde base cabinet to make an efficient work area.

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