Make Your Humble Home Look Like A Palace With These Quick And Easy Tips

Make Your Humble Home Look Like A Palace With These Quick And Easy Tips


Many people have different tastes when it comes to transforming their homes. Some people are  big fans of modern décor. Some want a home that looks like it came from the 1950s. And then, there are some who want to turn their humble place into a regal palace. If you are from the latter category, use these easy tips to create a royal home.

Make Your House Look Like A Palace


1. Roses Are Red, And So Is A Royal Home


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The color red has a unique richness to it. Whether it’s in the form of paint, a red carpet, or wallpaper, it will quickly turn the look of your humble place into that of a royal palace.

If you want to add a modern spin to this tip, try modern tones of red in your pillows sofas and other small decorating items. It would be your beginning to regal living!


2. All That Glitters Is Definitely Gold

Gold coffee stand


This saying is especially true in the case of palaces and royal residences. I talked about the color red in the previous it. Here we have another premium color, gold.

If you ask me just one tip to make your house look like a palace, I’d probably tell you to use gold everywhere. Some people would go with red. I’m drawn more towards gold.

If you enter any British royal palace or any other regal space, you will find this color everywhere. It will be on the mirrors, walls, and other things.

Want to use this tip as a budget décor idea? Find items like mirrors that have gold on them and use them in your home. These items can be found in a flea market. You can also paint your walls in this color.


3. More Drapes, More Royalness

Budget drapes in a royal living room


Back in the day, we used to have less heat. So many houses, at least many rich houses, used to have lots of drapes. Now, this is not a practical option for many homes. But if you can, install drapes to add a royal touch to your home. It’s one of the simplest ways to create a royal home.


4. Group Photos Together (Better If Photos Are Royal)


Indian Royal Raja Rani Art




If you want to turn your house into a castle, don’t forget to use this trick.

What do royal families have in common? They all know their families. They all know their ancestors. Whenever you enter their house, you will find the photos of their ancestors group together. So even if you’re not from a royal family, you can group the photos of your family together and create a royal look.

You can also cheat with this cheap decorating idea. You can get a 100-year-old photo from a flea market and hang it in your hallway or on the wall. And much to your surprise, many people will not question if that photo belongs to your family or not. But again, it’s up to your if you want to cheat. 🙂

Use these 4 quick and easy tips and convert your home into a palace!


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