7 Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms To Make Them Look Bigger

7 Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms To Make Them Look Bigger


I once heard a home decor expert call bathroom an oasis!

I couldn’t agree more!

It’s the place where you can escape and forget what’s happening outside for a few minutes. So you have to make it inviting.

The only downside here is that most bathrooms can look small and cramped. But if you paint them the right color, even a tiny bathroom can feel much bigger.

Use these hues to make your petite bathroom feel much larger.


What Color To Paint A Small Bathroom To Make It Look Bigger


1. Classic White


Mostly, light colors win over dark colors because they reflect light easily – a property needed to make small bathrooms feel larger.

In particular, I like classic white because apart from creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom, it acts as a canvas for other decor items.

What white hues should you choose? Try White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Like I said above, it’ll act as a canvas to do so much on. Plus, if you want to add a fun pop of color to your bathroom, it’s a good base.


2. Off White


So you think the starkness of an entirely white room is too much for you?

Try off white then. It’s warmer than classic white but still bright and open –  a must-have quality for a paint color to make small bathroom look bigger!

What hues should you consider? I suggest Swiss Coffee! You can get this from different brands, such as Behr, Dunn Edwards, and Benjamin Moore, which shows how popular it is.

Overall, whatever shade of off white you choose, it won’t appear dull or flat on the walls. So there’s not much margin of error here.


3. Blush Pink


The best paint colors for small bathroom will mostly have a neutral vibe. And so do this blush pink.

You can pair it with essentially any other color, which shows how versatile it is.

Try Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball. This muted pink will become your favorite bathroom paint color soon!


4. Light Gray


That’s surprising! Normally, you would consider gray a cold color.

But if you choose the right gray, it can be one of the best paint colors for small bathrooms because it’s a warm and inviting hue.

Choose Light French Gray by Sherwin-Williams to give the room a rich look. It reflects light to make the bathroom feel larger.


5. Beige


A true neutral, beige is great for making small spaces look and feel bigger.

I don’t know why people dislike it. But contrary to some people’s belief, it’s not dull. Whatever bathroom decor items you have, it’ll match them.

Use Shaker Beige as a start. It’s a classic color that Benjamin Moore launched in 1976.

Given its popularity, chances are you’ll like it as well.


6. Pale Blue


Here, we have another crowd-pleaser.

Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball is a great example of this color that’ll make a great bathroom paint color.

Don’t think it’s a flashy color though. It’s one of those colorful neutrals that are still light enough to reflect light.


7. Deep Forest Green


Now, you may never have heard of darker colors being used for small bathrooms. But if used the right way, darker, moody colors can make a bathroom feel spacious.

For starters, try Salamander by Benjamin Moore. I know it’s a bit controversial, but try this color and see the magic.

Pro tip: Make sure that your bathroom is getting enough natural light. Otherwise, it’s hard to pull off a bathroom with darker colors.


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