Paint Colors That Increase Home Value (And Make It Sell Faster!)

Paint Colors That Increase Home Value (And Make It Sell Faster!)


Paint is one of my favorite cheap decorating ideas.

All you have to do is follow along with a couple of fresh coats of paint, and your space becomes elevated almost instantly!

But it has other benefits too.

For example, there are some paint colors that increase home value and offer the biggest boost to your home’s sale price (Up to $5,000, according to some claims.)

At the same time, there are some pretty colors that scare buyers away.

We’ll discuss both these types in this article!


Paint Colors To Increase Home Value


Warm Grays

If you want a color that you can use in any room, go with a warm shade of gray.

When potential buyers are visiting your home, they’re going to spend some time in your bedroom and living room. These high-traffic areas help them decide if this is the home of their dreams. So make these spaces feel welcoming.

Mindful Gray SW 7016,  Agreeable Gray SW 7029, and Benjamin Moore Gray Mist OC-30 are a few good choices when it comes to warm grays.


Soft Whites

Nothing beats the good old white.

Any list of paint colors that increase home value is incomplete without mentioning basic white or its shades. That’s because it suits a variety of interiors and will complement just about any color of furniture.

I recommend checking out School House White No. 291, Wimborne White No. 239, and Pure White SW 7005. They’ll do wonders to your home and boost its value!


Light Pastels

An important side note: Some colors can appear different in person than they do online. So before buying a dozen buckets of a color you’ve recently fallen in love with, try sample pots first. That’ll help you save money!

Now, let’s get back to the paint colors that increase home value.

Light pastels can bring the perfect balance of warm and cool.

If you go with bright reds or yellows, that can be too overpowering and decrease the value of your home. But if you stick with a mid-to-light-tone pastel, it’ll add a dash of drama without overpowering the space and scaring buyers away.

Setting Plaster No. 231, Light Blue No. 22, and Mizzle No.266 are a few good options if you decide to go with light pastels.




What color adds the most value to a home?

If you want to increase both the appeal and value of your home, select a neutral shade of paint because most people will find it attractive. Warm grays, light pastels, creamy off-whites, and velvety beige are a few examples.


What color house is hardest to sell?

Some paint colors can decrease your home value. So if you’re preparing to sell your home this year, stay away from bright, boisterous hues. Bright red, citrusy green, foreboding black, and bright yellow are a few examples that’ll scare buyers away!


What color house sells fastest?

The paint color you select should feel fresh and relevant to any aesthetic or style. It should let buyers envision their furniture coordinating with your chosen paint color. White, gray, light pastels, and beige meet this criteria making the house sell fastest.


How much can paint increase home value?

Preparing to sell your home this year? A few crisp coats of paint can add $6,271 to its resale value, according to Zillow. It gives a good first impression and lets buyers envision their furniture and other stuff in the house. It also tells them the home is well taken care of!


Are white walls in for 2022?

White is a timeless color so it is in trend for 2022. It makes a space more attractive to prospective buyers. Apart from adding versatility and warmth, white walls acts as a canvas to add more decor style – something that’s hard to achieve with many other colors.


Why shouldn’t you paint your house a dark color?

For starters, it absorbs more heat than lighter colors, which means higher air conditioning costs in warmer months. Plus, it can decrease the value of your home. For these two reasons, I suggest you go with light, neutral shades, like white and warm gray.


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