Small bedroom decor ideas

Small bedroom decor ideas


Do you want to make your small bedroom beautiful?

Could you use some storage tips and advice on how to make your cramped bedroom feel bigger?

Then, we’ve got tons of small bedroom decor ideas for you.

Keep reading to create a practical and welcoming bedroom you can’t wait to enjoy every day!


Small bedroom decor ideas


Foundational tips for decorating a small bedroom:

If you’re stumped on how to decorate a small bedroom, read on. First, we’ll discuss a few need-to-know tips for decorating a small space. Then, we’ll dive into more specific decorating ideas like lighting fixtures, texture, furniture, etc.

Opt for multifunctional furniture


Modern multifunctional furniture in a small bedroom

@room & board

Organizing is as important as strategic styling when it comes to decorating a smaller bedroom.

And given that you don’t have much space, you only want those items that can serve multiple purposes (For examples, beds with drawers).


Make your storage decorative


One of the best small bedroom decor ideas is to invest in storage solutions that look beautiful as well


Continuing my previous point, you want to think of storage as decor in small bedrooms.

Maybe, it’s the shelving you can use to stack books. Then, spruce it up with some plants and beach items.

Simply put, buy pretty furniture with storage features.


Create a cohesive palette


Light, cohesive color palette in a bedroom


This is extremely important. You want to focus on a light, cohesive color palette for your bedroom interior design.

Martha Stewart might be able to bring maximalism in a small room.

But for the rest of us, a cohesive palette that leans towards minimalism is a safer bet.


Let lighting define the space


Natural light coming in a bedroom


Light will radiate your small space and make it look bigger.

So whether it’s in the form of natural light coming through windows or sconces, you want to light up the room.

Otherwise, it’s likely to feel cramped.


Prioritize form and function


Underbed storage ideas are great for small bedrooms because they prioritize function


This ties back to our first small bedroom decor idea: having multifunctional furniture.

Small bedrooms doesn’t have much space for lots of creative freedom.

  • So first, you need to consider the function of each item.
  • Maybe, it’s a main furniture piece, like a statement bed. Or choosing underbed storage ideas. Or going with bedside tables with multiple drawers. All these items will have functional first. You can find these items with a decorative touch but function is important at this point.
  • Once you’re done with organization, the space will feel much bigger and there’ll be plenty of space left for making things pretty.


Have an unorthodox small bedroom layout



The traditional layout may not work in case of small bedroom ideas.

So you want to try something new:

  • How do you arrange furniture in a small room? To stop making the room feeling overcrowded, position the majority of furniture on just one wall, the one that you see less of when in the room.
  • Talking about furniture layout ideas, it’s good to have less number of furniture items. And preferably, you should go with multifunctional small bedroom furniture ideas. For example, a sideboard that doubles as a dressing table.


Make use of every corner


Small bedrooms should use every inch of space

@farrow and ball

In the case of small bedroom ideas, you don’t have much to work with. So you want to make the most of available space.

This tip is a part of other decor ideas in the article. But it’s a good tip to keep in mind when decoring your small bedroom.


Use mirrors because they reflect on surface choices


Trick the eye using mirrors

@becky kimball design: studio mcgee

Create the optical illusion of continuing space.


One way is by using reflective surfaces like mirrors.

This might’ve happened to you before: Imagine you walk into a bar and think that it’s double the size. But after thinking for a couple of minutes, you realize it’s just a clever use of mirrors.

Mirrored wardrobes, a reflect shiny wall covering and mirrored bedside tables are just a few examples of this clever use for visually enhancing a space.

Play around with different styles and number of mirrors.

Lean one against the wall. Go with small rounded ones above vanity tables. The sky’s the limit here. The goal is to give your bedroom a bigger, brighter feel.


Focal Point Project


Your small bedroom should have on focal point project, like a chandelier or a headboard


Move the eye towards a focal point.

It will trick the eye and won’t let people notice that it’s a small space.

How do you achieve that? In addition to using mirrors, a chandelier, DIY headboard, wall decor, or unique paint styles can help.

Also, keep reading for more of these focal point project ideas.


Create Symmetry


Create symmetry for a more cohesive look

@kate osborne design: studio mcgee

One small nightstand on one side would be just fine.

But to make the look more cohesive, create symmetry by opting for double nightstands.


Keep it minimal


A fresh look can be created in any bedroom by keeping decor and other items to a minimum


Less is more.

And that’ll cover most of the small bedroom decor ideas.

Whether it’s choosing furniture featuring oak wood or white gloss or bringing patterns in the tiny room, the safe bet is to keep it minimal.


Eliminate Clutter


A cornerstone advice for decorating any small space is to eliminate clutter


Tidy any clutter away.

Keep only what you need.

Keep everything useful contained.

That will keep things organized, literally open up a cramped space, and give you lots of space for implemeting cozy small bedroom ideas.


Throw out the rule book


Think outside box for decorating your small bedroom


This might feel like againt most of the decor and design advice I talked about above.

But once in a while, you find an item that you really fall in love with.

So try it out even if you have a small bedroom. It’s not a big deal if you break a decor rule.

What matters is that you love your home!

This will be more evident when we try some maximalist ideas like over-the-top patterns below.


Storage ideas for small bedrooms:


A good storage is always welcome in a small space


What better place to store extra books, magazines, plants and photo frames than additional shelving!


Built-in shelving


Built-in shelving is great for extra storage space


@john lewis

A free-standing cabinet is great and all.

But a small bedroom wouldn’t have room for it.

So score some extra storage space by choosing built-in shelving.


Step things up with vertical storage


Ladder storage ideas for small bedrooms


Actually, some people will prefer ladder storage over shelving so don’t hesitate to try it out.

It’s way better than built-in shelving.

You can always move it to a bathroom or a small sitting room, which won’t be possible in the case of built-in shelving.


Hidden storage


ikea small space bedroom ideas


Ladder storage is great if you want to have extra places to pop your belongings.

But if you’re a person who likes to keep the room looking tidy, choose hidden storage, like  SLÄKTING storage compartments to organise clothes.


Utilize narrow storage cabinets


Just avoid visual clutter and invest in smart storage solution ideas for small spaces

@liz clayman

Small room design for 2 persons will require you to have sleek storage solutions.

And the idea with narrow storage solutions is to avoid visual clutter while still being resourceful. So don’t hesitate to invest in these kind of items.

Pro tip: Paint you storage options the same color as your walls: This will make the space look more airy.



Keep It Neutral


Neutral color palette should be preferred for small spaces


When you’re trying to create a bright and airy room, probably nothing gets better than white. And this Airbnb master bedroom makeover is a great example of that.

But if you don’t prefer white, stick with a neutral color palette for an adult look.


Add colour through accessories


Modern geometric headboard bedroom style

@house beautiful/mark scott

White is amazing.

But for some people, it just looks bland.

So to elevate the charm of an all-white room, bring colourful accents through accessories and furniture. For example, the use of different colors will be great in any personality-packed teenage girl’s bedroom.


All-over colour


Don’t underestimate the power of color


Why do I keep talking about color?

Because combined with light and being clutter free, it’s the single most important ingridient in creating the feeling of more space in a small room.

Ideally, you want to stick to one color.

But if it’s too dull, use complementary whites a few shades lighter than the wall colour.


Airy boho hues


Light and fresh colors should be your focus

@edc web tour george kolasa

Consider soft sorbet-pinks, greys or whites in your modern bedroom.

These light and fresh colors will maximize space.What’s good about boho and contemporary styles is that they don’t mind a little careful clutter.


Try Some Darker Hues


Don’t be afraid of dark colors


This might sound like against all the above advice.

And it probably is. I personally will go with lighter neutrals in case of smaller bedrooms.

But if you want to try a dark hue, go ahead.

For example, a bold shade of black on the walls combined with different patterns can create a more reserved, mysterious feel.

But this will require having open windows to fill the room with natural light.

As I said above, I’d go with lighter shades. But you can try dark hues. Just make sure to keep the space from feeling too stuffy.


Use uplifting colour to open up the space


A guest bedroom with 18th century and 1980s vibes

@casa josephine

Here’s a good alternative to basic white and over-the-top dark shades: Uplifiting colors like a sunshie yellow.

A good idea is to paint upper half of the walls in yellow (or if you can find a good green shade) and the bottom half in white or a neutral color. That’ll keep the room airy and spacious while still having some personality.


Furniture (Or furniture alternatives):

Floor mattress


A floor mattress is one of the best budget bedroom decorating ideas

That’s great if you have a big, bulky bed, or don’t have a bed at all.

Plus, mattresses won’t cost much, so they double as small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget.


Opt for a Trundle


One of the best small bedroom ideas on a budget

@ngoc minh ngo/house beautiful

Instead of buying a second bed, a trundle is a practical budget bedroom idea that’s great for three persons.

Just tuck your trundle bed right back under the bed when it isn’t in use.

And you’ll have plenty of space to yourself.


Introduce a small desk


A small desk for bedroom/home office


If you have an unused bedroom corner or alcove, it’ll be great as modern small bedroom ideas.

But keep in mind to keep things minimal while making your home office. Pick sleek mirrors, lamp, flowers and a suitable chair or stool.

It’s also great as small bedroom ideas for kids who need to do their schoolwork in their rooms.


Loft bed


Loft bed will give you more space for decoration

@paul raeside/homesandgardens

Looking for small guest bedroom decor ideas?

If you have a really tiny guest bedroom, the ideal solution is a loft bed.

This one will give you lots of creative freedom and space to decorate your bed room.

You can put a sofa underneath or work-from-home desk.


Clever multi-purpose statement bed


For small bedrooms, a multi-purpose statement bed is better than a traditional one


If you’re looking for very small bedroom design ideas for couple, you’d be better off with a bed that has in-built storage solutions.

Bed with drawers is a practical option but you can always have few boxes as under bed storage.

You can also buy elegant end-of-bed ottoman for an elevated look.


Sofa beds


Ditch the traditional bed and buy a sofa bed instead.

In additinon to being practical for small bedroom, it’s particularly good if you live a studio flat.

Plus, they’re easier to move around if you want to take them to the living room.


Alternative to storage beds: wheeled drawers


Wheeled drawers under bed storage

If you can’t get your hands on a storage bed, or if it’s way out of your budget, wheeled drawers are a good option.

They are a practical solution if you’re looking for DIY small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Just slide them under the existing bed and they won’t add any visual clutter.

Pro tip: While buying or making these drawers, make sure you check the height from floor to bed.




A two-poster bed


A striking four-poster or two-poster bed is a great way to add height.

This type of bed frame draws the eye up while adding a bit of drama to your sleeping quarters.




Bohemian style cozy canopy beds


Create a canopy by hanging a boho tapestry on the wall and ceiling. It’s a good alternative to four-poster bed.

Plus, if you don’t DIY a four-poster, a canopy is likely going to cost less.


Get creative with foot-of-the-bed storage


Foot-of-the-bed storage in a small bedroom


Plastic containers and closet storage cubes.

But move towards decorative storage items that you can leave out in plain view.

For example, an end-of-bed trunk or storage bench is a good option.


Fitted furniture


IKEA wall storage boxes mounted high up on the bedroom wall


Use different small bedroom ideas IKEA, like these over-head storage units, to add extra storage when you are short on floor space.

And store books, accessories, and extra bedding or towels in them.


Miniaturise your bedside table


Small bedside table


Not much space for bulky items here.

So opt for a small round bedside table that’ll still help you in  keeping your phone, a book, or soft task lighting close by.


Go with a ghost chair or other seethrough furniture


A modern farmhouse bedroom with seethrough sidetable


Aka clear acrylic ones, Ghost chairs are so light you barely see them.

And that’s important in creating the illusion for a bigger space.



Create a feature wall


Scandi-style wooden wallpaper


Wallpaper on all four walls will make the room congested.

Intead, make a statement feature wall in your small bedroom. Scandi-style wooden panelling or wallpaper is a good start if you choose to go with similar small room decor ideas for guys.




Primary bedroom gallery wall ideas


Again, it’ll act like a focal point and draw your eye up and around the room.


Separate space with an accent wall or with WITH A GLAZED PARTITION


Accent wall in a small studio bedroom


Looking for small bedroom living room combo ideas?

If you’re living in a studio, a good idea is to make an accent wall to create a visual separation between your sleeping space and living area.


Leaning layered art looks good


Leaning layered art above a bed

@kathryn bacalis

You can lean art against the mantle, shelf, or nightstand instead of hanging it.

That’ll save time.


Use your art as a headboard


Edc kim alexandriuk house guest room

@kim alexandriuk/elle decor

It’ll be a good focal point in the room.


Forgo the Gallery Wall


Gallery walls can be hard to pull off in a small space.

So instead, opt for one large framed work of art.


Take Advantage of Wall Space


Hanging rack that shows small bedroom wall ideas should be more than just pictures and artwork

@tessa neustadt

Wall are just for pictures and artwork?

Actually, they can be used for far more than that. You can install a chic hanging rack to show your favorite cloths on it.





Headboard in cochineal jane street apartment


Headboards can be bulky, which is a no-no in decorating small spaces.

So instead roll up your DIY sleeves and make a headboard yourself.


Double your headboard as storage


Use headboard as storage


Find a headboard with a gap for storage and a surface area.

It’ll mean you can forgo those bulky bedside tables.


Add Farmhouse Character with a Vintage Headboard


Wooden headboard as farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas


Farmhouse decor is just so cool. Plus, the rustic headboard in this image is a good way to add some cottage charm in any small bedroom.


Paint or wallpaper a headboard in small bedroom ideas


Wallpaper in the headboard area


As I said earlier, headboards can be bulky. So instead, paint one wall or wallpaper the headboard area to create a luxury feel on a budget.



Let the light in


Let there be more light in small spaces


I’ll say something similar to what I said above:

Combined with color and being clutter free, light the single most important ingridient in creating the feeling of more space in a small room.

So for starters, let the natural light come through large windows.


Incorporate an oversized sconce


An oversized sconce in a small bedroom


What a brilliant way to add extra light in the room.

By introducing an oversized sconce, you won’t need a floor lamp and save floor space.


Include a built-in nightstand


A built-in nightstand in a small bedroom

@pella hedeby 

Again, if you want to conserve floor space, take your nightstand off the floor.




A bedside table in a small bedroom


But if you want to go with a floor nightstand, make sure it’s stylish enough to earn its keep.


Add a Statement Light


A statement light in a small farmhouse bedroom

@the white company

When decorating a small living room or bedroom, you don’t have much space to make bold style statements.

So if you don’t have a statement bed, a statement piece of lighting will be good as well.

Globe pendants, oversized floor lamps and chandeliers are just a few options.


A cool lamp


A cool, designer lamp

It’s another good way to glam up a room.

Plus, it’ll be great in a room with no space for a bedside table.


Lighten Things Up


String lights in a bedroom

@future plc/ knight frank

If overhead lighting are too harsh for you, try incorporating strands of string lights. Plus, it’s great for you if you’re looking for small bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman.




Sleek lighting fixtures as scandinavian minimalist bedroom ideas


Finally, if you want to create a starry night, forgo the bulky lighting fixtures and choose bedroom lighting ideas that are sleek and cozy.

Pro tip: Add dimmers to all light switches, one decorative light overhead (no recessed lighting) and two bedside lamps. This way you amp up or soften the ambience according to your mood.


Fabric and pattern:

Delicately Decorated Fawn Bolster Pillow


Pillows as small bedroom designs and ideas


Good fabric is an important element in decorating a small space.

Considered you don’t have much room for many small bedroom decor ideas, choose your fabrics wisely, like a bolster pillow.

And important thing is that you want to prefer light colors like crisp whites, soft pinks, or rich browns.


A mixed-media artwork


A focal point artwork

@tim godbold/ elle decor

This mixed-media artwork that mimicked the diagonal lines of the vaulted ceiling will draw the eye upwards and help your space feel bigger.


Get Playful With Patterns


A playful kid’s bedroom


Similar patterns on wall and bedding is a good idea.




@ryan lawson

How about some botanical print fabric?

Or draping a low-to-the-ground bed with rich, over-large textiles?




Vertical and horizontal stripes in a small room

@house beautiful and apartment therapy

It’s a great way to add more personality to your room.

Plus, it’ll help you add a country look.




Afable wallpaper as small bedroom design ideas


Just keep in mind you want the kind of patterns that are designed to add an extra dimension in small bedrooms and other small spaces.




@tamsin johnson/elle decor

For an immersive feel, a lively pattern is a definite yes!


Repeat a single motif


A single motif on bedroom wallpaper, pillows and blankets


Again, a single motif, such as the heart, is a better choice than some over-the-top patterns.



Add Greenery


Small master bedroom ideas should have plants


Forget about small master bedroom decor ideas!

No matter if a space is big, small, or too small, a potted palnt, or any other type of greenery for that matter is always a good choice.


Invest in Smart Tech


Samsung The Frame 4K Smart TV mounted on a bedroom wall



Invest in a smart TV.

The one you see is a Samsung The Frame 4K Smart TV. And it’s desgned to look like a frame.

TVs like this have many screensaving wallpapers that’ll look like framed artwork.

This idea is great because you don’t have to buy new artwork if you want an update.

Just change some settings on the TV and it’ll match your new decor theme perfectly.


Colorful Wall-Sized Curtain to Hide Eyesores


Large curtains on the windows


Even if you have some unsightly vertical blinds and an air conditioning unit in the room, you can hide them away with some cool wall-sized curtain.


Work a room divider


A bookcase placed in the center of the room acting as a room divider


A bookcase placed in the center can create a sleeping space and working area in a single bedroom.


Nautical or beach-ispired Bedroom


Seashell table from Gallery 25 in nautical bedroom decor


Nautical and coastal decor are one of my favorite styles.

I just can’t get enough of these airy, personality-packed styles.


Bright Bedroom in Blue and White


Small bedroom designs and ideas


Again, cool blues are great for making a bedroom feel like a tranquil oasis… Like small master bedroom ideas do in this space.


Embrace the Cozy with Contrasting Throw Pillows


Springtime bedding with contrasting throw pillows


You might have a vertically challenged, narrow bedroom.

But thanks to the cozy small bedroom decor ideas in this article, you can create the perfect place to doze off.

To up the cozy vibes, scatter some pillows and throw blankets.


Mix Textures


Small bohemian bedroom with mixed textures


Again, it’s a great way to create a cozy space you can’t wait to enjoy.

You can take some bedroom inspiration from this Bohemian retreat that mixes textures thoughtfully.




American oak sliding laminate door in a small bedroom


Think about the entrance door too in small bedroom ideas.

Try having a door that opens away from the room rather than into it.

You can also go for sliding pocket doors that neatly slide out of view when open.


Utilise window space


Making the most of window seat as small bedroom ideas


The little items that eat up space can be kept on the window space.

And if you have more than 16 inches depth in the window sill, think about making a window seat with some simple upholstery and scatter cushions.

This small room is a great example of how you can use neutral colors, like white or beige, to create a classy small space. After using basic colors, you can have a focal point, like a framed artpiece to grab attention. Another way is to dive into farmhouse decor ideas for small bedrooms because there’s probably nothing more classy than farmhouse style.


Light carpets


Best carpet colors for small spaces are light


Light, neutral color carpets are great to create a bright, spacious space.

Pro tip: Avoid wooden flooring or deep shades in your carpets because they things draw the eye. Instead, stick to a classic beige or creamy blushy color.


Pile on the Pillows


A bedroom accessorized using pillows


You can always start decorating with your bed itself.

And pillows and blanket are a good option.


Pile Up Books on the floor


Piled books used as a side table are one of the best free small bedroom decorating ideas


If the rest of the bedroom doesn’t have any clutter on the floor, stack some books on the floor. This will double as a skinny side table. If you have a few books stashed somewhere it’s one of the best free small bedroom ideas for girls.


Think outside the box


A small bedroom with a good balance of texture and pattern

@future/polly wreford

Bold prints…

Unconventional textures…

Floral wallpaper…

Strong design…

You can try many different things.

At the end of the day, it’s your bedroom. You can decorate it however you want. So don’t let anyone stop you from trying your unorthodox small bedroom decor ideas!

And last but not least, make sure to make your bedroom comfortable and relaxing. After all, you’re going to sleep there.


Summary of all these small bedroom decorating ideas

The following steps will give you a strong base for decorating your small space:

  1. Declutter. This will open up the space.
  2. Organize. And have organization solutions that look pretty.
  3. Prioritize function. Throw out the things you don’t need. Invest in multi-purpose furniture items, like bed with drawers.
  4. Let there be light. Whether in the form of natural light or cute string lights, light is extremely important.
  5. Prefer light colors. They will open you space up.

After doing these things, you can have plants, small bedside tables, neutral carpets, attention-grabbing artwork, pillows, wallpaper or texture to elevate the look and create a cozy small bedroom.

Also, think outside the box. For example, you can stack books to create a DIY bedside table.

And finally, have fun. It’s your bedroom. Decorate it in a way that makes you want to spend lots of time in it!


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