Summer Decor: 56 Ways To Create Vacation Vibes In Your Home

A yellow sofa inside a summer living room

Summer Decor: 56 Ways To Create Vacation Vibes In Your Home


Summer is at its full swings.

And as a decor lover, you must be looking for summer decor ideas.

That’s why I’ve made this list of 56 ideas that’ll help you decorate for the on-going warmer months.

  • The list includes ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, outdoors, and more.
  • I also talk about how you can decorate using wallpapers, flowers, and summer-specific colors.
  • Then, there’s a few ideas that are common between nautical decor and summer decor. Which means if you’re a big fan of boat motifs and lifebuoys, you’re in for a treat!

So read on to find ideas no matter if you have a sprawling beach house or a tiny city apartment!


56 Summer Decoration Ideas


1. Colorful Summer Design Tissue Paper Flowers


Summer decor is all about warm colors.

And a great way to bring in warm colors is by using beautiful tissue paper flowers.

The best part?

These flowers are cheap and so easy to make.

All you need is a few colorful tissue paper, a stapler, and scissors. And within a few minutes, you’ll have these lovely flowers for your summer room decor project.

Once you’re done with them, use them as centerpieces, flower vases, doorway swags, and garlands for showers and special party decorations.

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2. Photo Garlands And Summer Mantel


Talking about garlands, a unique summer house idea is to make a photo garland using your favorite memories.

Most of us have been to flower gardens or beaches in the summer. So why not use these summertime pictures to make photo memorabilia?

Also, choose some old postcards and hanging shells to make this garland more eye-catching.

This summer decor project is super fun and easy.

So involve your kids as well!


3. Colorful Floral Arrangements



Summer decor is synonymous with flowers, lush greens, beaches, and sunshine.

So for this year’s summer decorations that don’t break the bank, go for colorful floral arrangements.

They brighten up your interior space and never leave you bored!

That said, the real question is:

Where should you place these arrangements?

Well, it’s up to you!

Entryway console table, near a wall niche, and on a side table in your living room are a just few options!


4. Nautical Summer Decor 2022



Nothing says summer better than a little nautical charm!

If you’ve been meaning to turn your home into a nautical-inspired oasis for a while, now is the time.

But even if you don’t want to go all-in on nautical decor, add a few hints of it.

For example, here are a few summer decor ideas that double as nautical home themes:

  1. Rustic driftwood multiple candle holder
  2. Simple rounded rope entryway mat
  3. Miniature homemade spindle lighthouse décor
  4. Hanging shell and driftwood wall art
  5. Decorative fisherman netting wrapped jars


5. Bright And Bold Summer Decor



This idea is not for the faint-hearted.

Normally, people would dabble in warm and pastel shades for summer decorations for home.

And there’s no problem with that.

In fact, summer is all about flowers and sunshine.

But if you want to stand out, bring in some bold and bright hues…

… Like this summer-inspired space with a bold yellow backdrop, nautical elements, white furniture, and lush plants!


6. Summer Design Pinwheel Centerpiece



Bring your childhood summer memories back by making pinwheel paper fans.

A few bouquets with some handmade pinwheels will add a pop of color to any room.

You can easily make these DIY summer decorations in an hour or so.

And once you’re done making these pinwheels, add them to a vase and put anywhere you want for an instant charm!


7. Keep It Light With White


A mostly white summer bedroom with gray pillow


Summer decorations for house should be simple.

And nothing gets more simple than a fresh coat of white.

From the walls to the furniture, paint everything white.

Then, bring some neutral fabrics like cream, gray, or sand. You can even bring white!

For example, this summer bedroom uses gray in an almost white room.

And the result is a beautiful, bright space!


8. Accessorize With Citrus


A bowl of oranges in a kitchen


This room has a bowl of eye-catching oranges.

And see how it makes the entire room feel brighter and more summery.

Who knew that something as simple as a bowl of citrus fruits can double as a great summer idea!


9. Swap In Linen Bedding



The winter is gone!

So it’s time to ditch the heavier bedding and bring linen sheets and pillowcases.

That will create a breezy look and feel.

For example, this room’s neutral-toned linens draw the eye out to the beautiful balcony view beyond.

Don’t have a balcony view like this one?

No worries! You can still choose lighter fabrics for a brighter and more summery feel!


10. Commit To A Floral Motif


Bright, vibrant floral motif


Floral decor bypasses trends.

This statement is even stronger in the case of motifs.

For example, this living room gives cheerful, bright, and playful vibes.

And it’s all thanks to the energizing motif everywhere!

Get inspired and use a mix of patterns and flowers in your room for a summer feel!


11. Woven Seagrass Basket


Woven seagrass basket in the corner of a beach living room


Organize your beach gear this summer.

Sift through drawers and attics to find all your summer beach and sporting gear.

Then, put it in a designated place.

For example, the tropical woven seagrass basket in this summer kitchen does the trick for a relaxed feel!


12. Decorate In Sunshine Shades


Yellow dining room

@little greene



Want to bring instant summer magic into your home?

Decorated with yellow then!

It’ll brighten your mood up no matter the weather outside.

A couple of good energetic hues are Indian Yellow and Giallo.

Combine them with bold green and deep summer sky blue to get a vibrant and inviting interior!


13. Chinoiserie Prints


Decorate with Chinoiserie prints


If you’re into retro-inspired decor, then dabble into Chinoiserie this summer.

These prints are rooted in the beautiful landscapes of China, Japan and other Asian countries.

For decades, interior designers have loved the flower, birds, and leaf forms of this Mid-18th century style.


To keep your budget in check, you don’t have to buy hand-painted bespoke murals.

You have the option of more affordable printed wallpapers and fabrics instead.


14. Fruit Prints


Simply Morris Fruit wallpaper in a kitchen

@morris & co


Kitchens should be joyous and uplifting.

So add energy to your kitchen with summer wallpaper ideas like fruit prints.

These prints are sure to delight you every day!

The print you see above is Morris & Co’s Simply Morris Fruit.

It’s inspired by the garden colored in citrus hues and ripe with lemons and pomegranates.

Bonus: It’ll keep a summer feeling all year round in your kitchen!


15. Bold Florals


Manuel Canovas Bianca Jade wallpaper in a dining room

@manuel canovas bianca jade wallpaper

It’s very unlikely that floral decor will go out of style.

So introduce bold florals to spruce things up in your home.

Specifically, dining rooms are a great place to combine summer decor and floral room decor ideas!

Choose a large-scale floral print like this dining room.

And to up the wow factor, add in matching curtains!


16. Pretty Summer Tea Party


Tablescaping summer decorating ideas

@pippa blacker

Lay a pretty table by bringing some patterned linens, colored glassware, and plenty of fresh flowers.

Tablescaping is important in summer decorations for outside.

So spend some time on it.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a strong color for the tablecloth.
  2. Layer up with linen napkins using a smaller print and softer colors.
  3. Add flowers, colored glass, and maybe, colored candles, to balance things out.

Believe me, you’re going to love this relaxed and fun summer table!


17. Let There Be Light



This idea is not about adding new things.

In fact, you just have to open the doors and windows, and pull back the curtains.

This will bring more light into the room.

Also, to make the space more summery, get rid of dark and gloomy pieces.

And let your rooms stay that way till it’s time to cozy up for fall!

This idea also doubles as spring decor.


18. Travel Shots


Vacation photos turned into a gallery wall


Don’t want to spend $1,000 on an expensive wall art?

Then, make a gallery wall using your vacation photos.

The fun part?

This will be a great conversation starter at parties.


19. Front And Center


An American flag hung on a front porch


You’ve been eating inside all those colder months.

Now, it’s the perfect time to dine on your front porch or backyard.

Or to have a little picnic with your family!

Also, decorating the front porch is not that hard.

Outdoor summer decorations can mean having a few extra planters or hanging a flag on your front porch!

Pretty simple, right?


20. Natural Living


Succulents in a large shell


Here’s a cute DIY summer room decor idea:

Plant succulents in a large shell.

The tiny plants last for a long time and add character and organic appeal to your home!


21. Rearrange Your Furniture


Rearrange furniture to get a new summer look



We talked about pulling back the curtains and opening the doors and windows.

This idea is somewhat similar in that you don’t have to bring something new.

All you have to do is rearrange your furniture: When done right, it’ll shift the focus of the room toward a beautiful window or French doors.

I know you want to purchase a nice decor item for your fireplace.

But before you do that, just play around with existing things and see how they look!


22. Clothespin Wreath


A great budget decor idea is to use clothespins to make a wreath.

First, paint clothespins red, white, and blue.

Then, clip them at alternating positions on a wire wreath form.

Finally, play around with the colors to see which arrangement looks best.

And there you go, a DIY wreath that also honors the 4th of July decorations!


23. Hanging Flower Display


A flower display used as front door summer decorations



Like many other good summer door decorations, this involves a flower display.

Take a hanging planter and add lots of white and blue hydrangeas tied with a red ribbon in it.

Personalize it by adding more of your favorite red, white, and blue flowers.

Hang on your front door for a series of compliments by visitors!


24. Star Berry Wreath


Star berry wreath used as spring and summer decor



It’s another example that spring and summer decor can double as patriotic decorations.

Buy this specific wreath from Target.

And hang it on your front door for a new freshness that’ll make your visitors smile!


25. DIY Popsicle Garland Craft


Popsicles are all-around fun.

Once you’re done enjoying this sweet snack, make a DIY garland using them.

(You can use printable paper popsicles for this purpose.)

Drape it over the fireplace or headboard for some summertime decor!


26. DIY Watermelon Coasters


These DIY watermelon coasters will celebrate summer in a cool way.

Keep them on your coffee tables for some fun decoration!


27. DIY Hello Summer Popsicle Sign



This fun popsicle sign is a great way to welcome your guests.

This is also super easy to make, so roll up your sleeves and make it over this weekend!


28. DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland


If you’re obsessed with garlands made out of yarn pom poms, then you’re here for a treat.

This ice cream cone garland is colorful and fun!

Plus, it’s super easy to make and looks adorable on front doors and mantles.


29. DIY Beach Gear Summer Wreath


Now, you don’t have to buy any fancy beach farmhouse decor item.

Display your own DIY beach gear instead!

A pair of flip-flops, pink sunglasses, and a beach hat would be enough to show it’s summertime.


30. DIY Painted Planters


Paint your planters in vibrant colors like yellow, pink, and blue.

Also, add some cool summer patterns to make them look extra cool!


31. DIY Hello Summer Front Porch Sign Craft


This DIY sign literally welcomes summer.

Hang it on your front porch to make a good impression on your visitors.

You can also put it on the mantle!


32. More Nautical Summer Decor


Lifebuoys on a wall


Red, blue, white…


A little planter…


This space is simple yet oh-so-chic!

Take inspiration from this nautical dining nook for your own dining room!


33. Knotted Seat Cushions


Knotted seat cushions great for relaxed summer arrangements




This is a great indoor as well as outdoor summer arrangement to chill out and read a book!

You can get these cushions from different online stores or visit a mall this weekend for buying them.

Or if you want to DIY, here’s a good step-by-step tutorial.


34. Woven Materials


Woven materials great for relaxed summer decorations


This summer, bring some pieces made from jute, rattan, rush, and other durable fibers.

These pieces are easy to find and create a clean, modern year-round.

Here, you see caning decor known for its signature octagons, and it’s sure to make any room warm and breezy.


35. Stenciled Tablecloth


Tablescaping using stenciled cloth


This dining room would be quite understated.

But thanks to ferns on this tablecloth, it comes alive.


This rustic linen won’t smear easily, so it’s a good choice for your tablecloth!


36. Bandanna Table Setting


Bandanna table setting that doubles as patriotic decorations



For a tablecloth that’ll fit for the Fourth of July, use bandannas.

Rugged and practical, bandanas are good for easy sewing projects that require no hemming.


37. Shell Candles


Shell candles on a table for summer decor



It’s time to bring out all the shells you’ve collected over the years.

Form candles inside them to add natural charm to any table.

Scallops, clams, and quahogs are a few shells that burn longest, so use them for this project!


38. Beach Pillows


Printed photo fabrics that are sewn into pillows



Get a few printed photo fabrics and sew them into pillows.

Notice how these beach and boat scenes personalize this room.

You can also personalize your home décor by getting your favorite printed photo fabrics.


39. Photo Decals


Photo decals on a wall and furniture



Photo decals on a wall and furniture

Removable vinyl decals are great because you don’t have to commit to them.

Also, they can help make a bold statement.

Use them on the walls or a trimmed version on a piece of furniture.

That’ll personalize your space!


40. Freshen Up With Green


Green bathroom vanity

@olive lane design


Nothing says summertime better than green.

You can bring in a few plants.

Or paint a wall or vanity with green paint for freshness and renewal.


41. Vibrant Living Room


Peach, white, and aqua would be great on their own.

But notice how this room combines them with a few black-and-white animal prints.

The result?

A fresh and breezy room with a wild side!


42. Light And Lively Prints


When it comes to summer decor ideas, the living room can never be ignored.

So lighten up (and freshen up) your room by mixing prints and patterns!

I love how this living room is elevated using the fun pops of reds, blues, and oranges.


43. Moroccan Getaway


Moroccan-inspired living room with a poof and patterned throw pillows




Maybe, you can’t plan a getaway from home.

Then, plan a getaway at home by bringing a Moroccan-inspired look.

I love how this poof and patterned throw pillows are combined with the wall art!

A classy look!


44. Butterfly Wall Art


Butterflies mean summertime!

That said, don’t mistake them for kids’ decor.

They add a bit of nature to your space without feeling juvenile.

So consider them a sophisticated decorating idea.


45. Outdoor Lights


Hang a string of sparkling white lights indoors or outdoors.

That will signal the start of a cozy summer gathering.


46. Linen And Cotton: Summertime Textures


Say goodbye to heavier velvet or suede for now.

They’re good for the cooler months.

Instead, introduce linen and cotton to get an airy and cool feel!


47. Light Linens And Soft Pillows On Porch


It’s as simple as it can be: Just leave out light linens and soft pillows.

That way, your guests will want to spend breezy summer nights on your porch or patio.


48. Entryway Wreath


For a relaxed vibe in your entryway, hang a lemon wreath and simple shrubs.


49. Hydrangea On Living Room Table


Bring lots of plants to feel like you’re rolling in summery hills all season long.

If that sounds too much, leave out fresh hydrangeas on your living room table.

This also doubles as summer decoration ideas for school or office.

Also, get inspired by the navy and white details in this room for beach house decor!


50. Vintage Cameras On Mantel


So you’re an expert flea market shopper?

If so, buy a collection of vintage cameras.

And leave them on the mantel for some vintage charm.


51. Art On Mantel


Your mantel may feel like it’s missing something. So choose a floral canvas to elevate its look!


52. Collectibles On Display



If you have a rolling shelf, it’ll be a great place to display different-sized jars of flowers to bring the outdoors in.


53. Bold Kitchen Rug


Bring bright, bold patterns in a mostly white kitchen or other room.

This will make your space more welcoming!


54. Weathered Thrift Shop Centerpiece In A Summer Dining Room



It’ll create an easy, breezy vibe in your room.

Leave it there even when the guests are gone.


55. Let’s Stay Home Summer Decor Sign


Would you still want to go out for dinner after reading this sign?

If you still want to eat at a restuarant, assuming that you do that a few times a month, just do a calculation of how much it will cost you in a year.

Is it in thousands of dollars? It sure is.

In fact you’re not alone: according to BLS data, the average household spends about $3,500 on eating out every year.

So your best bet is to eat at home!

And when it comes to saving money on decorating your home, I’ve got you covered. Read this article on cheap decorating ideas.


56. Drink Station


Your dining room is almost perfect.

It’s just missing a drink station for summer.

After all, you want something that can serve up fresh lemonade when you come back from the beach!

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