21 Cheap Western Decorating Ideas For An Iconic Ranch-Style Home

21 Cheap Western Decorating Ideas For An Iconic Ranch-Style Home


Want to turn your space into a Wild West dream house?

Or maybe, you just want to add a little rustic accent to your modern home?

Either way, use these 21 cheap western decorating ideas!


Western Decor On A Budget


1. Iconic Pieces From Not-So-Iconic Brands


A classic brown leather chair places inside a Western study room


“Cheap brands” and flea markets are the holy grail of budget western decor.

Have you ever bought a cheap replica of an expensive branded decor item?

If you haven’t, then you should because you can literally save thousands!

For example:

An Eames molded chair costs between $5,000 and $6,500.

But if you pick a replica, it’ll cost you just around $100!

This is just one example: You can pick other cheap western decor items from new or lesser known brands if you’re on a budget.

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2. Antiques


Entrance of an antiques shop


Different items on the shelves of an antique store that can be used as cheap western


Antique stores offer western decor items that make your place look rustic and elevated.

And these items come at a price tag that you can afford easily.

Normally, if you go with new decor items, they can wreck your budget.

But if you can find items made in the 1940s or earlier, they may cost you way less than what current pieces do.


3. Sconce


Sconce mounted on a western-style wall


Looking for western bedroom decorating ideas that don’t break the bank?

Get a plug-in sconce then.

I say plug-in because skipping the typical hard-wired lighting gives a clutter-free look.

Also, if you want to take the lighting a little further, go with a rustic looking chandelier.


4. Natural Fiber Rugs


A worn-out rug in a western-style bedroom


Want to give that finished look to your western styled room while still staying on a budget?

Choose rugs that are made from natural fibers, such as jute, sisal, or seagrass.

When it comes to fibers, there are many choices, but the ones I just mentioned tend to be cheaper.

You can also experiment with color and texture a little bit.

But keep in mind that you want to create a rustic look: Don’t bring items that turn your home into a beach-inspired hotel room!

Whatever you do, it should add the iconic look of the American West!


5. Sales Alerts


Picture this:

You are browsing Etsy on a Sunday afternoon.

While scrolling through your favorite western decor shops, you find that beautiful cowhide rug.

But there’s one problem though:

It costs $500! Ouch!

Now, would you pull your credit card and buy it immediately?

I advise you not to do so.

You see, many brands offer sales on special occasions, like New Year, Fourth of July, and Black Friday.

So if you can, buy items on sale.

Try different apps, like ShopStyle, to set up sale alerts from dozens of brands!


6. Thrift Shopping


If you don’t want to wait for a sales alert, just go thrift shopping.

You’ll find many used (pre-loved) decor items that’ll transform your house into a Wild West dream home.


7. Natural Materials


Three pots, a rustic wooden table in a living room


If you’re looking for cheap western decorating ideas, think about things that western homes have in common!

They don’t use much plastic and other artificial stuff.

Instead, they use tons of wood rock, leather, and metal.

So whenever you’re trying to create a rustic, farmhouse, and even, cottage decor style, choose natural materials.


8. Antique Accents


A western-style living room


Western home decor always have something old and antique in it.

It can be that old saddle grandpa used to love.

Or those cowboy boots that symbolize the western spirit.

Maybe, it’s that sofa mom picked from an antiques shop!

The catchline is old and antique is the way to go in western home design!


9. Rustic Style


If you want to fill your home with western charm, choose items that are rough and rustic.

For example, you can pick construction materials, such as logs, stones, and rough plaster.

If you can’t, try leaving your boots or cowboy hats in the open.

The key is to stick with classic items instead of going with something trendy.


10. Secondhand Bulky Furniture



If there’s one big item almost every well-decorated western home has, it’s the leather bulky sofa.

When shopping one for your western home, pick a simple, classic style:

Needless to say, you don’t want to buy something trendy!


11. Area Rugs


A Native American inspired area rug placed on a Western-style living room floor


I talked about getting a rug made from natural fibers up there.

But it seemed like rugs needed one more section!

If you want to take your western decor up a notch, go with a rug that has southwestern design, like sheepskin rug or cowhide rug.

One more idea is to display Native American artifacts in a room where you have a western area rug:

That will make your Western-style decoration pop!


12. Curtains


This one can be tricky.

Normally, the curtains you find in stores are trendy and modern.

So you want to take some time to find pieces that give that unique western feel. Like this Western Star Wood Board.

You can go with long curtains that are made of thick materials, like suede.

Also, adding leather trim and beadings to the curtains can elevate the western style.


13. Leather


Leather stools and sofa in a room


Any list of Western home decor ideas is incomplete without leather.


Because western decor is deeply rooted in ranching.

From leather couches and chairs to cowboy boots and hand tools, you’ll find leather everywhere in western houses!


14. Colors


Lots of dark tones in a western-style living room


The colors schemes in Western decor vary from greys and blacks to strong reds, blues, and earth tones.

And clearly, it’s inspired by Native American decor!

So if you’re into DIY western decor ideas, trying painting one of your rooms in these color schemes. 


15. Wall Art


Western wall art Etsy




Mostly, you’ll find the following themes in Western art:

  • Cowboys
  • Bears
  • Mooses
  • Pine trees
  • Cattle
  • Lakes
  • Rivers

These all represent the West, and if you feel like bringing the Western charm to your home, get a painting that features one of them.


16. Antlers


Antlers are a symbol of Western decor because of their history in the area.

From curtains and tiebacks to chandeliers, you’ll find antler accessories everywhere in a western decorated home.


17. Hardwood Floors


Western-inspired stool placed on a hardwood Floor


Again, we have the orthodox rustic style here.

Western decor doesn’t have much space for modern, fancy flooring.

The good old hardwood floors work just fine.

Plus, if you can put Native American Style rugs or animal skin on these floors, it would be great.


18. Lanterns And Oil Lamps


Lantern besides a cup of coffee


If you want to add the classic look to any home decor, let alone western decor, lanterns and oil lamps are the way to go.

Normally, they’re only used for decoration, but you can still use them for lighting instead of modern bulbs and LEDs.

Just be careful with them; otherwise, they can put your house on fire!


19. Rusted Vintage License Plates


A vintage California license plate


You can take several of these plates and make a collage.

Or you can use them to make DIY boxes and flower pots.

Either way works!


20. Kitchen Wallpaper


Floral wallpaper in a kitchen that’s giving a Western look


Who doesn’t love a floral wallpaper inside a kitchen!

After all, it’s great way to add that retro charm to your cooking area!


21. Kitchen Utensils


Bunch of metal pots and other utensils hung on a kitchen wall


If you have kitchen utensils that are made of metal, don’t tuck them away in your cabinets.

Instead, hang them on the kitchen wall to create a beautiful western look!


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