5 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Walls

5 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Walls


Bedroom is the place where you’re going to spend the most of your time.

Which is why, it’s important to decorate it well.

So whenever you’re going to wake up in the morning, your bedroom decor will bringhten your mood and make you ready for a happy, productive day.

Use these 5 cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls if you’ve decided to pay attention to this important part of your home!


Budget Decor For Bedroom Walls


1. Mirrors



You might have seen this coming. And there’s a solid reason behind that:

Mirrors are a common item in any home decor ideas list, let alone bedroom decor ideas.

From bedroom to living room to bathroom, hanging a mirror on the wall brings an instant charm to an otherwise blank wall.

And when it comes to the choice of mirrors, it’s up to you:

  • You can go with something basic, like a round mirror.
  • Or you can add your personality to your bedroom decor by introducing something unique, like a golden regal-looking mirror.

(If you buy new mirrors, that can be expensive. So visit thrift stores or antique shops for buying items like these.)

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2. Natural Items



If your bedroom walls have shelves (side note: some of the best DIY bedroom wall ideas require shelves), place natural items, like seashells, beads, pinecones, maple leaves, etc., on them.

These items will freshen up your mood each time you walk into your bedroom after a long, hard day.

And waking up to the sight of natural things is always a delight!

Pick a theme for your budget bedroom ideas.

For example, add pincones and maple leaves to create a fall decor theme.

Or you can use seashells to create a beach-inspired bedroom.


3. Plants



While talking about natural things, plants can never be ignored. I mean they literally bring life to your space.

Cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls like this allow lots of space for creativity.

For example, you can introduce a snake plant in a pot and keep it on the bedroom wall shelf.

Or you can hang eucalyptus leaves on the wall.

(Be mindful about it because these leaves are going to dry out eventually. So if you really want to hang leaves for a long period, buy fake leaves.)


4. Declutter



Oh, how much I love open spaces!

Seriously, there’s no need to lean tons of items against the wall or put them on the shelves.

Instead, try removing items that don’t have any purpose.

Sometimes, a blank wall painted your favorite color looks way better than lots of wall decor items!

One of the best bedroom makeover ideas is to use decor items without making the room feel overwhelming. Here are a couple of general rules to follow:

  1. Less is more.
  2. Decor items should have a purpose (Like a plant placed on a wall shelf clears the air. Or a ladder hung from the wall can be used as an organization space!)


5. Fake Headboard


Headboards can cost you a lot of money.

So one of the best cheap bedroom decorating ideas is to fake a headboard.

For example, you can hang a patterned sheet in place of the headboard.


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