11 Budget Fall Decor Ideas to Add That Autumnal Flair

Pumpkins, glass, jar, and other budget fall decor items on a table

11 Budget Fall Decor Ideas to Add That Autumnal Flair


Pumpkins, pinecones, and maple leaves…

These are a few things that come to mind when you think of fall decor. And the best part is these things cost zero or very little money.

Sure, if you’re tempted to splurge a little, you can buy a $100 beautiful vase you get your hands on.

But there’s no need to spend $1,000 on an antique item that will just disturb your retirement fund! 

That being said, here are 11 budget fall decor ideas that don’t look cheap!


11 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home For Fall


1. Faux Autumn Aspen Tree Branches Or Leaves

Aspen leaves in a metal jar that reads “hello fall”

Does your entry console, dining table, or fireplace mantel look boring?

If so, add an autumn charm to it using a setup that features fake or real Aspen tree branches.

In fact, you can stock up on a bunch of aspen tree branches for other types of home decor.

I know you want to get carried away with all the fresh fall finds you see online.

But think about your budget!

It would be dumb to to spend your entire meal budget on an expensive decorating item.

So gather a few Aspen tree branches. And put them in vases, on entry console, dining table, or wherever you like for some budget fall decor.

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2. Autumn Themed Tea Towels

Flour jar, eggs, mug, and tea towel on a small table

Items like these on our list of budget-friendly fall decorations prove that (spending) less is more when it comes to seasonal decor!

A set of 2 fall tea towels shouldn’t cost more than $30. If you decide to buy, make sure the towels have some cool hand-drawn autumnal motifs.

Also, buy pairs that are machine washable.

This way, a splash of pumpkin spice latte or a smudge of cream cheese icing won’t ruin them!

And if you want save further and try DIY, find old tea towels and print some autumn related quotes on them.

If you’re good at embroidery, you can make leaves on them as well.


3. Little Pumpkins With Candles

Small pumpkins beside candles decorated on a budget for fall

You’ll be able to build this combination for no more than $50. That again proves you can outfit your home for the fall season without dipping into your retirement fund!

These are a few places you can use the pumpkins and candles combination to decorate:

  1. Tour mantel
  2. Headboard
  3. Bookcase


4. White Fabric Pumpkins

Three white pumpkins beside a hat, sweaters, and dried leaves

Celebrate fall without overpowering the room or taking away from the design using these fabric pumpkins!

If you’re doing fall decorating on a budget, a good idea is to pile them in a decorative bowl on your coffee table or arrange them with vintage ginger jars on your dining table.


5. Dried Botanicals

Multiple dried botanicals in a basket

Wondering how can I decorate for fall with no money? The secret, obviously, is to get items that are free!

For example:

You can ask a friend who has many trees and shrubs in their backyard to give you some dried botanicals.

These botanicals make a great budget fall decor item when kept in a glass jar or transparent vase. 

Plus, they pair well with all interior styles. So while using them, you don’t have to worry about what kind of home you have.


6. Stamped Or Artfully Wrapped Books

A book wrapped with a rustic, Western-looking cover

Books don’t usually act as a rustic centerpiece on your breakfast table…

… Unless you buy one that has been stamped to give that special fall feel!

You can also show your love for fall by binding existing books in antique looking covers.

If you want to take your budget fall decor to the next level, pair these books with wooden beads and a plump pumpkin!


7. Floral Doormat

A floral doormat that reads “home sweet home”

Looking for budget fall decorating ideas for the front door?

Start with a floral doormat then!

Here’s the thing:

To add that autumnal flair, you want to invest in items that enhance the focal point of your home!

And what better item than the one that everyone notices when they enter your home!

Don’t be afraid to get a vibrant doormat. You can also pick one that has fall leaves, pinecones, or blooms in brilliant autumnal hues.

Then, place the mat on a plaid outdoor rug to elevate any stoop!


8. Autumn Poem Print

Calligraphy of this quote: If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies

This is one those cheap and easy DIY fall decor ideas that help you transition into the winter months with ease!

Your gallery wall is a great place to show the colors of seasons. So decorate it by hanging a festive print.

Pick a calligraphy design that outlines the highlights of the season in a sweeping, romantic script. Browse Pinterest for more quote ideas!


9. Greenery

Eucalyptus branch in a mud jar that turns out to be a great budget fall decor item

Plants are always a nice decorating item to have in the home.

But it’s an entirely different game in fall. That’s because certain greens, like eucalyptus, give an added autumnal appeal.

Find a fall plant and put its branches in a vase, hang on your mantel, or lay across your table for a statement-making centerpiece.

And no matter if you have a minimalist and modern interior or an antique, cottage-like home, something related to plants is a must-have autumnal accent!


10. Plaid Table Runner

Fall table runner with flowers printed on it

Fall is not the season for bright colors.

So a good cheap budget decor approach is to buy neutral, understated table runners.

Choose  a couple of fall shades, like white, grey, and black for table runners.

That’ll help you create a classic base for seasonal centerpieces.


11. Statement Mirror

Two round, statement-making mirrors

No matter what season it is, mirrors are always a good decorating item.

That said, if you want something special for fall, go with a bold, regal-looking mirror!

It’ll add that mysterious look that’s not possible with summer decor!


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