13 Budget Patio Decor Ideas That You’ll Be Super Proud Of

A table and chair in a patio having lots of greenery

13 Budget Patio Decor Ideas That You’ll Be Super Proud Of


Did you recently buy a 1970s home that’s been vacant for a number of years?

Or probably you live in a modern home that you designed yourself?

Either way, the patio can always use a little renovating!

But if you start to play it by the ear when decorating your patio, things can add up quickly. And before you know, you’re way out of budget!

Fortunately, you’ve found the best list of 5 budget patio decor ideas. This list has several of my most favorite upcycled patio projects all in one place!

These projects make it possible to have a great-looking outdoor space on a shoestring budget.

So if you’re willing to work on a few DIY projects, go thrift shopping, and do a little bit of heavy lifting, all of these patio decorating ideas on a budget will make your patio and your day!


Use These Tips to Renovate a Patio If You’re on a Budget


1. Make It Fun For Summer



You’ll find these wooden pallets on a decent price.

And they’re great if you’re into fun, summery colors!


2. Bring A Ladder Style Distressed Wood Planter


 YouTube video link: How to make a ladder planter



Here’s a good YouTube tutorial if you want to try this DIY patio decorating idea.


3. Introduce A Welcome Sign (Or Two)




These fun signs would be a good conversation starter.


4. Think Big When It Comes to Patio Furniture Pieces

Old chairs and table in a patio

Tiny tables don’t fit in many patios. In order to balance things out, go for a larger table.

Plus, you may bring guests to the patio sometimes. So make sure you have enough furniture at hand.

Don’t buy a new table though. Because that doesn’t count in budget patio decor.

Instead, you have two budget options:

  1. You can thrift shop: Check out your local garage sales. Or you can sift through online listings, like Craigslist.
  2. Or roll up your sleeves and work on a few DIY outdoor patio decor ideas. For starters, larger patio furniture pieces can be made easily if you have an extra door table and a passion for DIY decor projects.

Also, ask around family or friends. They might be getting rid of an old door. This way, you can DIY a patio table for much less than purchasing one.


5. Bring in Texture And Color

Small tables and stools in a colorful patio

Want budget-friendly backyard ideas?

Add a pop of color to the patio table by making or buying cheap table runner pieces.

Use Duck Cloth to make them resonate with the outdoors.

You can also add pillows and throws around the patio to add more texture and decor.


6. Incorporate A Few Barn Wood Garden Lanterns



This will bring a rustic, vintage charm to your patio!


7. Bring A Flaming Centerpiece



The coffee table needs a centerpiece like this outdoor fire bowl.

And it’s easy to DIY.

Find a fireproof container.

Cover it with your favorite paint. I recommend an outdoor paint in a cheery hue.

Stuff the bowl with recycled tempered glass chips.

Tuck in a can of gel fuel. Make sure it’s alcohol-free.

Light the fire and enjoy for hours!


8. Upcycle Everyday Items Into Budget Patio Decor

Bunch of food cans turned into budget patio decor items

Another great idea for the DIY decor lovers! If you have old food cans in the house, turn them into colorful and fun planters.

If you don’t have any food cans, ask your friends or start saving them yourself!

Place these cans on the patio table or chain-link fence in the garden. It’s up to you. In fact, you can use lots of them everywhere in the patio.

Polka dot is a fun pattern to start with. These make adorable centerpieces.

Take this tip up a notch by using an old kitchen stockpot as an upcycled planter. See, why I always say you don’t have to throw stuff out!


9. Hang A Flower Wreath



You wouldn’t mind some countryside beauty in your patio, would you?

Plus, if you choose an artificial wreath, it would be even better because you won’t have to worry about flowers wilting away!


10. Light up the Night

Bunch of lights hung from a ceiling

Even if you have a limited budget, don’t ignore lights. That’s because they add sparkle and ambiance to any space.

It’s up to you if you want the look of cafe lights overhead or want something a bit softer.


11. Hang Curtains

4 curtains hung in a well-lit patio

Still stumped on how to decorate a patio for cheap? Use curtains then!

Whether indoors or outdoors, curtains add a sense of breeze to any space. Plus, they make your place look larger.

Are you into DIY projects? Here’s a fun low budget wall decor idea for you: Instead of buying, make your own curtains this weekend using scrap fabric or drop cloths!


12. Have A Wooden Slat Patio Wall



Now, that’s a timeless look!


13. Bring More Flowers And Ferns






Finally, you can’t go wrong with more flowers and greenery on your porch and patio!


Use these patio decor ideas to renovate your outdoors even if you’re on a shoestring budget!

And let me know what topic do you want me to cover in the next blog post!

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