Say ‘I Do’ To These 18 Budget Wedding Decor Ideas

Say ‘I Do’ To These 18 Budget Wedding Decor Ideas


Most brides love the decorations and bling that comes with weddings. That said, you want to make sure that, after the big day, you are still left with some money for your honeymoon.

However, staying within your budget is one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. I understand that you don’t want to feel the embarrassment of a reception that looks like it’s been put together with cheap wedding decorations.

But there’s a silver lining: If you plan carefully, there are ways to elegantly decorate your wedding even if you’re on a showstring budget. Below, I’ve curated a list of 18 affordable wedding decoration ideas that let you pull off a gorgeous celebration.

Before we get into the list, I have something to say: Whatever you do, don’t go unplanned: It’s a recipe for disaster. That being said, you can find vendors that’ll help you plan accordingly and let you avoid all the hassle.

Now, let’s get into the top 18 budget wedding decor ideas to plan a beautiful wedding!

How To Decorate A Wedding On A Budget

1. It’s All About The Location




Especially for those who are on a tight budget! Wedding decorations can be expensive but if you pick a fabulous location, you can save a lot. Imagine lots of greenery, water, natural flowers, and maybe, some art… Now, if your setting is like this, you don’t have to do much to spruce up the space.

Given that you’re here for budget wedding decor ideas, you probably are not planing to rent a vineyard in Napa. So here are a few alternatives for you:

  • A bed and breakfast that has a good backyard
  • An art gallery
  • A public park
  • Country side locations and small towns: If going to these areas is feasible for you, do go there because they can help you save thousands!
  1. Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow


Kickoff your celebration with a pillow that will help your ring bearer carry the wedding rings down the aisle in style. Find a pillow with beautiful lace & flower in front, making it elegant and romantic for the wedding ceremony.

Another option is to go with a pillow that has a tag to include your initials or wedding date on it. If the pillow has a ribbon belt on the back, that’s great too because it will help in holding the pillow safely.

3.Photo Booth Prop Set


You don’t want to disappoint those Insta lovers! So add some fancy-looking photo props to your list of fun and affordable wedding reception ideas.

  1. Love Balloons: Don’t Underestimate Them


Seriously, a wedding seems incomplete without a few big, bold, and full of love balloons! So be sure to include them.

And as far as the money goes, they don’t cost much. So even if you bring dozens of them, they’ll just cost under $100.

5. Curtain String Lights


Still stumped on how to decorate a wedding on a budget? Add a twinkle to your event with LED curtain string lights!

Whether you’re having an indoor and outdoor event, choose lights that are as bright as your future together!

6. Mason Jar Set


There’s nothing quite like upcycled décor when it comes to wedding centerpieces on a budget!

If you’re having a relaxed wedding, inexpensive Mason jars make the perfect drinking vessel. Alternatively, you can use them as vases or hurricane lanterns.

  1. Chalkboard Frame


A blackboard checks all the boxes of a good cheap wedding decor idea. Here’s why:

  1. It’s practical because it can help you display any message you want.
  2. It adds a charm to any place.
  3. It’s budget-friendly.
  4. It’s multi-purpose.

Use it at the ceremony, at the reception, or even after the wedding at your home.

  1. Love Confetti


Set the scene for love with love confetti. You’ll want to add this one to your list of fun (and affordable!) budget wedding decorations!

  1. Tropical Place Mats


If you’re having a tropical- or garden-themed reception, green place mat sheets are your friend!

  1. Donut Wall


Donut Walls are a solid option when it comes to searching for cheaper wedding reception ideas. These walls are also a show-stopper and a great conversation starter.

Do you have some baking skills under your belt? Take your money-saving game up a notch by making your own donuts!

  1. Guest Book Sign


If you’re looking for cheap wedding decorations that becomes a memento, look no further than guest book signs.

You can totally pull this idea off by printing one of these romantic signs at home, and pairing it with a photo frame you already have.

  1. Flowers: They Don’t Have To Be expensive



Flowers dress up any occasion but they can be expensive. So if you can, find large, vintage-looking buckets and add cheap flowers, like Alstroemeria, Baby’s Breath, and Carnation in them.

You can also use tissue paper flowers and attach them to chairs instead of going for real flowers.

  1. Baby, You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else


That might have reminded you of One Direction’s song, but I’m talking about lighting up the wedding area here.

You can use twinkling lights or candles to add a charm to a sunset or nighttime reception. However, don’t hesitate to experiment with lighting even if you have a daytime wedding. That will look great especially if your reception is indoors or shady.

Here are a couple of lighting ideas:

  1. Colorful Paper Lanterns


Lanterns, man! They turn any event into an unforgettable one. While doing outdoor wedding decorations on a budget using paper lanterns, you have a choice to go with any size or color you want. After all, it’s your wedding!

  1. Decorative Candle Lanterns


Lanterns are a great idea if you’re doing wedding decor on a budget. Without these wedding lanterns, pulling off ornate vintage details is hard.

Whether you use them to light up a space or as a unique gift card holder, these certainly add a richness to the space.

  1. The Wedding Tables Don’t Have To Be Stressful And Expensive


I know following a decor theme and rental costs are a nightmare if you’re on a budget. So here are a couple of affordable wedding decoration ideas for you:

  1. Leave the traditional seating and opt instead for several food tables amongst scattered seating.
  2. Take it up a notch by using cheap birch tree branches that are wrapped up as bouquets and display them around reception.
  1. Table Pearls


Table Pearls are one of those cheap wedding decor ideas that are known for adding small details as well as elegant charm to any setting or buffet!

  1. Add Whimsy To The Wedding Using Signs


Signs are an easy DIY idea if you’re doing wedding decor on a budget! Not only do they serve as wonderful decorative mementos, they also help point the way toward the ceremony or reception.

The best part is that you don’t even have to buy them: Just print and frame them at home. You can also print the names of your guests and put them on their respective tables.


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