2023 Paint Color Trends To Bookmark For Your Home

2023 Paint Color Trends To Bookmark For Your Home


Choosing the right paint color is extremely important in home decor.

To say that it’s the final piece of the home design puzzle is not wrong.

Think about it: If you pick a color wisely, it’ll bring your vision to life. Otherwise, it can make your space look dated.

For example, it can help you finalize that long-awaited family room makeover. Or if you’ve been meaning to refresh your kids’ space for a while, it’ll help you immensly.

The bottom line is:

No matter what home project you’re doing, it’s incomplete without the right colors!

To help you out, we’ve come up with this short list of paint colors for 2023. 

These include both new hues and classic shades that shout 2023! Use them to express yourself in different ways!


Moving Forward To 2023


In 2021, we focused on turning our homes into a sanctuary.

We wanted a comfortable space that felt safe from the outside world!

That’s why we witnessed deep, earthy hues take over, which felt very grounding and secure.

This year, we’re still taking inspiration from nature.

But paint colors for 2023 are also extended to focus on sustainability, rebirth, and growth.

That’s why nature-inspired neutrals, retro brights, and timeless whites are no-brainer this year!


Paint Colors For 2023


Nature Tones


Modern living room with earth tones



Like I said above, paint colors for 2023 will be taking inspiration from nature this year.

This trend is similar to 2021 when colors based on outdoors were popular.

A couple of examples are lush greens and desert-inspired tans.

In fact, we’ve been witnessing sustainability and organic living emerge as major design trends for the past few years.

And with this focus on green living, we’ll see more natural tones, like taupes, beiges, biscuits, and mushrooms, taking center stage this year.

These tones will be accentuated using nature-inspired hues, particularly greens.

Whatever home decor expert you follow, they’ll be talking about bringing luxury and comfort in the home.

That’s why they’ll pick timeless colors, like olive greens, sandy neutrals, and clay-toned terra-cotta shades!


Bold Brights


Traditional grandmillinial home with bold colors



There’s a demand for vibrant, energizing, and exciting hues.

To meet it, bold brights will bring that 50s look back: That was a time when people embraced personalization.

Inspired from that era, we’ll also see people making their individuality shine through using paint color trends 2023.

As opposed to the past couple of years, these colors offer a more dynamic and moody vibe.

Expect lots of eye-catching colors this year.

You can also use retro inspired colors, like orange-tinged reds, buttery yellows, and dusty blues, to show your personality.

The final decor touch needs some individuality especially if you have spend lots of money on a makeover! So be bold with your color choices!


New Neutrals


Colors are salted caramel are trending in 2023 like in this bedroom



Our homes can be the ultimate form of self-expression.

So if you want to stick to basic paint colors 2023, go ahead and do that.

No matter what bright color you choose, it won’t beat the versatility and warmth of white.

Plus, white acts as a canvas that you can use to experiment with other decor styles.

For example, you can add a soothing green painting on the walls to bring life in the room.

Or you can add a pop of color with an orange sideboard.

See why I’m a big fan of a fresh coat of white paint?


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