20 Cheap Decorating Ideas: High Style, Low Budget!

20 Cheap Decorating Ideas: High Style, Low Budget!


These 19 cheap decorating ideas do exactly what you want them to:

Add instant style to any space while calling for only a little imagination and money.

And the best part is that some of these ideas are absolutely free!

So use them to take your décor to the next level – all while staying on a budget!



Decorate Your Home On A Budget Using These Ideas


1. Flea Market Flips: Someone’s Castaway Furniture Is Your Decorating Gold

A DIY desk makeover by Lovegrowswild

Local flea markets…

Thrift stores…

Yard sale circuits…

These should be your second home when it comes to budget decor.

One other flea market related idea is to get creative and make furniture using cheap things you can find.

For example, if you can get your hands on a few square modular units, you can create a table using them. It doesn’t matter if they’re different from each other. You can always paint them to make a cohesive furniture piece.

I know this is pretty simple, but some people might be surprised that they don’t have to buy expensive side tables as a single unit. You can simply get different modular storage units from a flea market and stack them on top of each other to form a table.

Then, within these cubbies, you can keep reading material (even if you don’t read often, just do it because it looks good!). And on the surface, you can display items like lamps.

Pretty cool, right?

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2. Hang Plates Of Different Colors


Different plates hung on a wall

After seeing this picture, if your first thought is to order some plates online, just wait:

Probe your kitchen for some cool plates first. Believe me it’ll save you some money.

Now, with this cheap decorating idea for the living room, the plates don’t have to be similar to make a fresh wall arrangement. You can choose unexpected colors, sizes, and textures.

Want to go up a notch with this idea? The center spot should be for the most unorthodox plate.

That said, you should experiment with the patterns and arrangements before finalizing them.


3. Hang Canvases On The Wall


A simple framed canvas hung on a living room wall that's a simple, cheap decorating idea

Want to brighten blank walls?

Start with hanging painted canvases to fill the living room wall.

The key to this low-cost decorating idea is to fill the wall with canvases.

So think big!


4. Hang Artwork

A painting of two persons sitting on a bench

If you’ve always wanted to be a painter, now is the time to start.

You can always paint something nice over a weekend. Plus, it’s a great wall decor idea if you’re not a big fan of blank canvasses.

Or if you want to paint something yourself, steal others’ art.

Maybe, don’t. 🙂

The thing is if you don’t want to paint something, that’s fine. There are many art pieces out there that you can use without the artist’s permission.

So how do you find cool art for free?

Just type free art printables in Google and hit enter. You’ll land on many articles that give you free art in PDF or some other format that you can print and frame yourself – completely free of cost! 

On that note, be sure to find some cool frames. For example, Umbra’s frames are a good choice. These are designed in a way that the wall color shows through the glass, creating the illusion of a custom mat.

You can also try apps like befunky: They’ll turn your photo into a unique watercolor painting.

That’ll also add a personal touch to your home decor. And the best part is that it doesn’t require you to actually paint anything.


5. Lighten Up With Wicker


Different wicker chairs in a porch


It’s another good budget decor idea. And yes, it’ll require a visit to your local flea market, thrift store, or yard sale circuit.

Wicker chairs are a classic item to have in a home. So find some cheap wicker that lightens up the mood of the room.

You can place these chairs as a set in a sunny corner. Alternatively, you can mix them with your existing furniture pieces.


6. Try Some DIY Crafts


@the polka dot chair

By now, you’d know that budget home decor is more about making stuff yourself, making use of stuff you already have, and repurposing second hand items.

And when it comes to crafts, the sky’s the limit:

Experiment with different crafts like flower art, sewing, or the above DIY fall decor.


7. Use Natural Items


Lots of seashells in a glass bowl

For starters, you can use shells and other beach items.

The kitchen, entryway, and stairwell are a few places where you can use these things to create a rustic, relaxed display.

The best part is that you can find these items for free (Just remember to collect them when you visit a beach).


8. Think Visually, Think DIY


Handcrafted letter, scissors, paper hearts, and a letter box

Stock items like lampshades can be boring sometimes.

So add your unique touch to them by using glue, ribbon, and an eye chart.

This is just one example: The idea here is to find places and things in your home where you can add some personality.


9. Try DIY Book Headboard


Bedroom interior enhanced with a fake headboard
@adorable home

The bed is usually the focal point of every bedroom.

So spice it up (cheaply) by making a DIY book headboard.

Here’s a good tutorial if you’re interested in this DIY home decor idea.


10. Hang A Gallery Of Photos


A gallery of photos hung from the wall

Who doesn’t like photos of their loved ones?

Pick a theme like vacations and create an album of your best clicks.

Then, put them in identical frames.

You can also experiment with different geometric arrangements.


11. Reflect Your Style


Simple, modern, bohemian, or minimalist:


A round mirror on entryway wall



@house beautiful


For minimalists, one idea is to put a simple mirror on the entryway wall.

However, maximalists can go with dramatic mirrors like the second image obove.

Again, that depends on your style. There are many decor and design styles you can try.

The key is to follow your personality and create a space you’ll love to be in.


12. Bring In Shades Of Colors

Different colors in a colorful home

@ideal home

This is an extension of the above idea about different home decor styles.

For example, if you have a bright personality, you can use colored lamp shades to make a bold statement. Or bring furniture and curtains in some bold color.

One bold color per room is a good start. But that again depends on your style. You can go more than one if you want.


13. Stack Your Books


Like I said in the side table section, books are good budget decorating items.

These books can be stacked on shelves. But if shelves can’t accommodate oversized books, stack them on a bench or floor to create a DIY bedside table.


14. Put Cluster Candles

Ever seen multiple candles on a coffee table?

They do look good together, right?

You can do the same in your home.

Just make sure to use the same colored candles on glass containers. That way, this cheap decorating idea for the kitchen will take the look to the next level!


15. Mix Patterns


Different patterns mixed in a bedroom



Patterns are a good way to keep the bedroom spring-like all year long.

Mix floral sheets or pillowcases with white lines, and see the magic.

Note that patterns that have white backgrounds keep florals harmonious.

You can also add some class to bedside tables with a vintage floral tablecloth or white matelassé runners.


16. Amplify Your Space




One way is to use a large mirror.

I’m talking really large, like three-fourths of the height of the wall.

This trick makes tight spaces roomier. If you’re an interior decorator, you might have used it before.


17. Showcase A Collection In Your Fireplace


Fireplace that showcases autumnal orange at its finest



Fireplaces are not lit all year long, so use them to show a collection of objects.

For example, fill your fireplace with red vases or fall leafs and pumpinks.

For starters, go with similar pieces and a theme. Then, you can also experiment with other styles.


18. Pump Up The Color


Living room with brown and green accents

Imagine a dining area with green accents.

See that’s what I’m talking about?

Vibrant colors like green can brighten up a room. So don’t be afraid to use them.


19. Repurpose Old Furniture You Already Have


A nice to use a chair as a nightstand

@teen vogue


I talked about buying second hand furniture above.

On that note, don’t forget about the old furntiture already rusting in your home. Don’t throw it out without thinking of ways to repurpose it.

For example, you can turn rickety seating into a bedside table. All it’ll take is a few DIY supplies and some time over the weekend.


20. Shop around (And don’t always buy from top desingers)



If you compare products on different stores, you can save money.

For example, the designer vase set on the left costs $99.

But if you choose a similar-looking vase set from Walmart, it costs $22.

Sweet savings, right?


I hope these tips will help you decorate your home on a budget. Use them to take your space to the next level!

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